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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Is that spring I smell?

I have potatoes and onions in the ground. Loose leaf veggies and cabbage family items in, and let us not forget the peas. Now if we can only stay away from a hard frost in April, I will be happy.

Urth is no longer nursing on Eddie. Milking is twice a day on her now. And all the green grass that is coming in has increased the Dams milk supply.

Sammy comes when called. She seems a little weary, but pushes through that. Good neighbor told me horror stories about her. So I am confused on why he wants me to have her. Talk about a horse neophyte. But he tried to reassure me yesterday that everything would be fine, then proceeded to tell me a story about her throwing him. I haven't tried to ride her yet. We are just getting to know each other right now. I will wait to ride until I have a buddy to call the ambulance when I fall off of her, or am thrown off of her.

Are you getting your spring gardens ready, those in the Midwest? I realize there is still time for you northerners.


Anonymous said...

Well, for us mid-east coasters =)...the garden was plowed last weekend and, if it drys out enough, will be tilled this weekend. Then I hope to plant some 'taters, carrots, ummm, gotta look at my list. Our last frost will be around 5/9 so I am hesitant on planting too much til then.

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

I'm in South Cental MT and I'm GREEN with envy when I read posts such as yours. We're still off a month or more before the ground can even be worked to plant taters, onions, lettuce, kale and spinach.I usually plant in a cold frame about now but......

For our 25th anniversary we treated ourselves to an inexpensive greenhouse, WaHooo! Now I can get some things going by months end and be a month ahead on tomatoes,peppers, cantalope, watermelon and squash.

I do have most of our windows open today, letting out the old stale air and letting i the freshness of Spring!

Art Blomquist said...

I'm in norther B.C. and will be shoveling the ice off the tire gardens and repairing the winter ravaged tops. Another Month before planting.

Anna Marie said...

Well, what a reassuring and confidence inspiring neighbor you have! @@

I'm in the pacific northwest, so I won't bother you with talk of my garden :). I have a whole blog for that.

Jim said...

I actually live up here just south of Topeka and have been following you for about a year now. Don't remember how I found you. But I'm somewhat of a newcomer to 'semi' homesteading. This will be our fourth gardening year (graduated up to raised beds and several plots all over our three acres)and I found myself going back through your archives to find all of the things that can be grown here (successfully) in our climate range. I'll be adding fruit trees this year (apple, pear, peach). Added blackberries last year. And will be trying some new crops (artichokes,asparagus, jeruselum artichokes)this year. Looking to tonight or this weekend (if the weather holds) to get in the early crops.

Wanted to bring up a couple of things that I've discovered that you might be interested in. Red Nordland potatoes. I'm going to try them this year because of a guy in Nebraska that says he gets two full harvests. You plant them now and they will be ready for harvest by July 4thish. Then replant and harvest in fall again.

Also, I just rave about a way of developing beds that I had heard somewhat about but stumbled across it on my own. If you're like me, you have piles of stuff all over the place. For me it was piles of left over wood scraps. If they've been laying there for a while, you can remove them and easily till up the soil because the pile has been killing all of the grass over time. I did this last year is four different spots and had VERY little problems with weeds. Not to mention that the soil was so loose, that weeding was incredibly easy. So last fall, I plopped down a bunch of old 4x8 panels in spots to kill the grass. I think it's awesome. No, it's not a lot of ground for planting in each but I have about 6 different areas that I use that provide quite a harvest. And I'd imagine that you could do it on a larger scale. I just thought it was cool because you could literally just look around your property this spring, move some piles and Viola! A bed just ready to be planted.

Take care.


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