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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Veteran's Thursday

Yesterday the Vet and his brood of 6 came out to spend the day. And I am exhausted.

J (the vet) is 38 years old. He has been in the military for 16 years. Was part of Desert Storm, and Shock and Awe, as well as spending 2 full years at Camp Slaughter in Iraq. He is now completely deaf in one ear due to 2 different fire fights. One of which something blew up less than 100 yards from him. He is on several types of meds for pain and sleep. Which I don't blame him for the fact he has 6 kids.

I was able to get morning chores done before the herd arrived, and then nothing else was done. I showed them around, we talked about the property, the kids chased a calf, chased the chickens, played with the goats, and scratch Sammy. I found myself counting children often to make sure they were all there.

We grilled up some burgers and dogs for dinner.

During all this something strange happened, I had other visitors. Normally it is very quiet here and I can go days without seeing anyone. But no, not yesterday. One of my husband's clients showed up with a bunch of mulch and logs. Then a neighbor that I don't know very well shows up asking if I wanted two of her horse bales. They have a little mold on them, but they are ok for cows. They brought the two bales by. I looked at them, just need to strip the top layer, the inside is still green. Next the horse neighbor showed up. They came to look at Sammy. The horse husband is a reservist, so him a J had a lot to talk about before heading out into the field to look over Sammy. The horse wife, with a pout asked how I kept getting free horses. Sammy was well cared for, unlike Sunny, but still, she is a horse no one wanted. And she is in heat, and the entire neighborhood is in a ruckus over that one. All the boys are trying to get her attention.

Today will be slower, at least I hope.


Anonymous said...

I love the part about counting kids. My best friend has 5 kids, when they come to visit that is all I do, count kids. Every ten minutes or so I count her kids and my chickens. I count chickens constantly, we have some big robins and morning doves around.

I doubt I have ever had that many people drop in in one day. Hope to day is slow and quiet.

Gail said...

Thank you, is an honor to meet you.

P, sounds like you were triple blessed in one day, how wonderful when everything comes to you.

ChristyACB said...

I gotta laugh over the counting. Yep, I count kids whenever they show up.

Sounds like a hugely busy day. Hope those burgers and dogs were yummy.

HermitJim said...

Don't you just love the saying "when it rains, it pours"?

glad you had a good visit!

Melonie said...

Sounds like a wonderful busy day. :-)

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