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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Today on Cribs

Bear with me here.

Yesterday was my husband's day off. There is a few things that need to get done here on the homestead. First was the nasty leak under the kitchen sink. We took the bike to the farm store and found nothing we needed, so off to the local hardware store. Luckily they had everything and we didn't have to ride into the city. We had to replace 1 foot of pipe and some fittings. Now that that has been replace, we have to replace were the floor rotted out.

Second on the list was building a new banny coop. No photo, so here is an artist rendition.

As you can clearly see, it is an old garage shelving unit. Rather stout. We removed the middle shelf, and placed a thin roost down the back side. We made 3 nesting boxes as well. Next was to secure a front to the box. We cut the removed shelf in half and screwed it to the top front. The other half of the shelf was cut so that there is a banny friendly size opening on the lower bottom. This piece was secured with screws and an old cloth tie down. The tie down is used in lieu of hinges, now it can be accessed through this lower panel for cleaning and egg gathering. Next we attached some old 2x4's to act as legs, then re-enforced those by making another skeleton of a box. Had the boys fill in with straw, and then gave them a flashlight to find the roosting bannies.

We spent $0 on it, as all the materials were things that people gave to use. And trust me, it is oh so much better then that quickly box a made a few months back.

White trash syle banny box


April said...

This post made me laugh. I know it wasn't meant to be funny, but we find crap all over our little farm and sling it together until we have time to do something better, but the crap we put together really fast is the stuff that seems to last forever and the things we take our time to build fall apart.

We have an old refrigerator grate in our chicken coop that the kids use to block the chickens out when they are gaterhing eggs. Works like a charm.

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