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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I was informed via email yesterday, that The Happy Homesteader on Mother Earth News has me listed as one of their favorite blogs. If you look at the list, you might recognize a few of them.

I made 5 pints of pizza sauce. I need to make more if I plan on making it an entire year. I already have enough ketchup to make it through.

Potato soup, here I come!

Cows escaped last night. They were grazing in the front and my husband left the gate open after he got home. That was a real joy, hunting down black cows at 11 o'clock at night. We found them 1/2 mile away. So happy they hadn't discovered the corn field across the road. I would have never got them to follow me home. I lectured my husband on gate keeping as I have my 3 boys and their friends.



Living The Frugal Life said...

I made the potato soup yesterday. How does your pizza sauce differ from just plain ol' tomato sauce? We eat a LOT of pizza, and I wouldn't mind having a good pizza sauce recipe.

Congrats on the recognition.


Taylor said...

Thanks for the link...I just found a few more blogs!

Care to share your pizza sauce recipe? I've been looking for a good one.

The Thinker said...

Argh! Poor cows *cough* =not laughing= *cough* Oh, man, I could tell you stories about trying to round up rogue livestock. Glad everthing turned out alright.

Phe, I so envy your all this .... sauce making and real honest to goodness winter preparation! I am only playing at it, at the moment. After a work/commute of over ten hours, I got home last night and was delighted with my feeble efforts of canning 5 pints of pear preserves (with pineapples & cherries, mmmm.)

MeadowLark said...

Congrats. You deserve it.

Where did I miss the potato soup recipe? Where was I?

Phelan said...

I will get you that recipe posted tomorrow.

Meadowlark, haven't posted that yet, making it today.

The thinker, thanks...I am sure you're not laughing. UGH! The ladies can be a huge handful, I swear. Oh feel free to envy, at this point I would gladly sleep. :)

Woolysheep said...

I have to echo Thinker's sentiments on envying your winter prep. None of my tomatoes fruited. They were the first and thusfar only thing I have tried to grow and no luck.

Black cows at midnight. Tee-hee. Your gonna have to get some reflector tape from the bike shop and make the girls some striping.

Kristi J

Phelan said...

Kristi J, maybe that should be the homesteaders secret code "black cows at midnight" answer "Need reflective tape"


Stephanie said...

Ohh pizza sauce, I need that and a good spaghetti sauce. I am actually talking about your alfredo sauce on my blog today. Im canning it tonight.

Phelan said...

Pizza Suace is up.

Stephanie, just remember when canning the alfredo that when it sits the oil will seperate and it will look yucky. Shake it up and it will be fine.

Anonymous said...








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