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Monday, September 15, 2008

I hear going shirtless is all the rage.

The water receded Late on Friday. Just enough that we were able to escape. Unfortunately the water had created gullies across the road. Deep gullies that my car was terrified of.

Friday we had company. I wasn't really going to mention this, but over at Kentucky Hollers, she has a great story up about a lost horse. As I was saying we had company and two of our visitors were little girls, 11 yrs and 4yrs. They were told about all our animals and came out to see them. This family is a friend of a friend. I called my tree boys out to greet the family. Each one of my boys walked out, none wearing shirts. They awkwardly greeted the girls, and some roaming around began. Soon I noticed that my oldest had slipped off, then the middle son, then the youngest. I was getting ready to yell for them, when my oldest emerged from the house with a shirt on, then the middle son, then the youngest. The mom of the visiting family commented on what little gentlemen my boys were. It's small things like that, that remind me that they are not always hellions, but I am actually raising them correctly. You know if it had been boys over to visit, they wouldn't have put shirts on, I have found boys streaking through the fields here before.

Saturday another family with 2 little girls came over. They too had heard about all the animals and wanted to come out. But they came bearing gifts of lumber. The motorcycle shop my husband works for, owner's daughter's family (got that?). They were expected. I brought the cows up for her to see and pet, but Edie made a passionate moo, and scared the 4 year old girl to death. She was now done with cows. All my boys made sure they had shirts on this time, before they arrived. The two 4 year olds found a turtle, while cows ran around them. and the other 3 kids played on the tire swing and climbed the tree. It was a pleasant weekend.

We dug up 27 lbs of potatoes yesterday. So here is your warning about what we will be talking about this week.

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Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

That's funny, I just read Catherine this morning too. I'm jealous of the potatoes. But, we just picked another three bags full of apples, again.

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