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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Next Step for the Starters

A few weeks back we discovered a mold problem in the master bath. Though not wide spread, it was a terrible mess. Some of the dry wall had to be removed, and we discovered a crack in the tub. Now what to do with this empty room.

Yesterday we finished the nursery project. It wasn't very eventful, and my husband did most of the work. I just stood around looking purdy. Oh and I took some pictures, Sometimes you should really try and be useful.

We have an old box spring frame. The wood is good, so we decided not to burn it. Good thing, because it took center stage in our project.
Converting an old box spring

Using some reclaimed rope ( it was part of a cat scratching post. The rope was great, but the cardboard insert the manufacture used to keep in all together wasn't) and some shop lights, he hung the frame from the bathroom ceiling.

plant nursery

This frame is no wider then our bathtub was. A definite plus.

We then transferred the plants out of the egg cartons in to the larger pots.

from egg carton to pots

They were getting close to being root bound.
almost root bound

As I was placing pots under the frame, I looked up to see the newest member of our household eager to help, or pounce on me.
she almost jumped down on me

Slowly the plants were placed in the nursery.
plants filling in

Using a pulley system, we lowered the far side of the frame, evening out the light distribution.
lowering it



Meg said...

Wow, great idea. That light setup is awesome, and your seedlings look like they're doing great. Seems like you guys are off to a fantastic start!

Boudicca said...


A few years ago, my hubby took an old box spring,sawed it in half and made it into a little garden fence for the entrance into our garden. Those box springs are really useful! LOL

Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

Looking good! You're definitely father ahead then we are.

Stephanie said...

I love it!

abbagirl74 said...

What on earth happened to all of Dan's hair? It's gone!

Gina said...

Ingenius! We have an old box springs in the barn I just knew would have a purpose at some point!

Your plants are looking purdy too. Can I ask what type of fertilizer you offer them (or is it just really enriched soil?) I'll go back and read and see if I am just being forgetful here.

Last year I used fish emulsion for the first time and had great results. I have been debating on ordering it again.

Phelan said...

meg, thank you. Round 2 begins today.

Boudicca, what a great idea.

Tim, we are way ahead of a lot of people, but we have some plans. (reason why they are so early)

Stephanie, my husband gots ideas :D

Abba, look to today's post.

Gina, good thing you saved it, there are many good uses for them. I answered you in today's post.

D.A. said...

Nice blog! I'm attempting to start an urban homestead myself, with a backyard nursery where I'll see plants for income. I'm going to put you on my blogroll.

Come visit sometime!

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