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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Newspaper Cup

I received an email and another person, Gintoino, left a link to a web page showing how newspaper cups were made.

We did try our hand at these last week. Unfortunately they did not suit our needs for the transplants. As containers for seedlings, they did however work wonderfully.

Gina asked: Can I ask what type of fertilizer you offer them (or is it just really enriched soil?)

We are using year old chicken poop and compost, with plain ole soil, and some peat. They starter box is what really helped, along with good watering.

Abbagirl74 and alrescate, yes, my husband did shave. I got him a new razor for Christmas, and now his face is cold.


alrescate said...

I bet his face is cold! From what little I saw though he looks much younger.

We need pictures woman!

She Who Shall Not Be Named said...

You guys are coming along so well. It's so inspiring. :)

Bear just shaved his goatee off after 11 years. Took off so many years, his coworkers are STILL shocked 2 weeks later. LOL


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