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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nebraska's Doing it Right

Legislature votes to keep 'premise' ID voluntary

by George Lauby (North Platte Bulletin) - 1/25/2008

By a 30-0 vote, the Legislature agreed Thursday to stress that the "Locate in 48" and similar programs are voluntary.

A bill, LB 632, allows land and livestock owners to opt out of the "Locate in 48" program if they have joined. The law will extend to any future additional livestock registration programs.

Read the rest here>>>

In other news, I hear the Colorado is reversing the mandatory NAIS program at the state fairs. As soon as I hear more I will let you know.


Stephanie said...

Im hoping that Illinois will do the same as I would like to try to get the teen and eventually maybe Bill's boys in something like 4H programs

lisa said...

Wow, I'm glad to hear progress on this front! I hope more states follow you think the feds will allow "voluntary" participation in the long run?

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