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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sometimes it just isn't worth it

Frugality in action, seems simple enough, but there come times when skimping to save and sometimes inventing out of necessity, just isn' t worth the trouble.

Case in point,

We need to get these tomatoes into a different container.

I know, but the cups won't fit, too many.

Do you remember how to make those boxes?

Like the ones in school? hahahaha! No.

Would one of your books say.

~shrug~ Looking through books. No, but we do have the Internet. browsing, Found something! Printing.

Now, do this.
Picture 467
Picture 468
no the other way.
Picture 470
Eureka! A box.
Picture 474

There was no way this would work to hold a plant. Too flimsy, too shallow. We broke down and bought jiffy containers, 10 for a $1.


abbagirl74 said...

If you need more containers, let me know. I can also get you lots of plastic pails and buckets if you need them. We just throw them away at the stores.

How's everything else? Doing okay?

Stephanie said...

Ah containers were well worth the price. I'm jealous of your plants! Is it sad I feel behind on the garden and it is only January?

Blessed Wife and Mother said...

You can go onto for your area and request cardboard egg cartons. Then you plant and when the seed germinates you can just set the plant with the cardboard and all in the ground and it will decompose and allow the plant to do just fine!:)

Robbyn said...

Yep, y'gotta do what y'gotta do. You'll always need containers!

Phelan said...

abba, pails? we can always use pails. If they just throw that stuff away, we could always find a use for it. Everything else is well. We got that piece of mail we were waiting for. I will drop you an email this evening.

Stephanie, don't be jealous, just think of how much more down time you have then me..

Blessed wife, the plants are in egg cartons, we needed larger pots.

Robbyn, I am starting to think that besides air, water and food, containers are the most important thing you need to live :D

alrescate said...

*chuckle* Perhaps I should send Dan and the boys an origami kit...

gintoino said...

Hi, maybe you will find this useful. This is what I'm using to sow my tomato plants in. It's a very easy to do newspaper pot

Phelan said...

alrescate, ottawabill sent one to my oldest last year. I had so many little birds around the house after that. The husband didn't enjoy it as much. :D

gintoino, thank you for that link. I talk about them in today's post.

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