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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Child proof, that is the claim on medication and supplement bottles.
Childproof cap
Here we see such a container. This bottle of children's vitamins has a child proof cap.
But what does a child do when he really wants a vitamin and the parent isn't willing to open the bottle for him?

He goes in from the side.
Picture 1116

HA! Go in through the side


abbagirl74 said...

Holy crap! How did that happen? Teeth?

Phelan said...

Kitchen knife

Marina said...

Time for a small pistol safe? ;)

Rebecca said...

OMG. Okay, I think it may be time for a locking medicine cabinet and a serious talk about the difference between medicine/vitamins and candy.


One more thing for me to worry about.

alrescate said...

What little stinker did that?

Celeste said...

Little astinker!

mom said...

Lock up the pills & unplug the microwave.

Linda R. Moore said...

LOL! Oh well--ten out of ten for ingenuity and determination, I guess ;)

Stephanie said...

Well you have a determined one don't you!

Anonymous said...

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