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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


There was a sagging spot in the middle of our hallway. We pulled up the carpet and found this.

hole in hall

A large hole. The floor had caved in.

big hole

I put my best men on it.

everyone is on the job

But only one was allowed to use the power tools.

Power tools and small spaces

cutting flooring out

As the flooring was cut, we discovered the cause of all the problems. The furnace was leaking, and ready to fall through. We ended up replacing half the hallway, and securing the furnace.

We put down plywood instead of replacing it with particle board. We also discovered that some one before us had replaced the floor. Why they didn't put down plywood I will never know. The replacement floor was done with everything we already had on hand.

almost done

Nothing was bought in town.

Next step is to put down the hard wood flooring that we got at auction.


Tim Appleton (Applehead) said...

nice job reusing things and not having to make trip out.

abbagirl74 said...

New floor looks great!

Wendy said...

We always discover interesting "repairs" and quirky little building techniques when we have to do something to our house. And we're always left wondering "what were they thinking?" :). Congrats on being able to make the repairs from stuff on hand. Our "deluxe" Chicken coop was mostly fashioned from stuff we had lying around. It's a good feeling to clean up some of the mess AND finish a project.

Nimbue said...

Glad you pulled everything up before someone fell through. Looks good!

The Fool said...

Ready and able...with supplies on hand. Way to go!

alrescate said...

I'm surprised no one else has said it....not enough pictures of a shirtless husband in this post!


Celeste said...

good job

Linda R. Moore said...

Wow, looks like hard work. Glad you had the stuff on hand!

Phelan said...

Tim, thank you

Abba, just wait until the hardwood goes in.

Wendy, thank you. and yes my eyes roll at some of the things people do.

nimbue, the carpet was a very tough one. We might have if it hadn't been there.

The Fool, thank you.

alrescate, ya know, maybe it is a good thing you can't make it here this weekend. ;)

C, thanks

Linda, so am I

maggie said...

That is impressive. Can't wait to see it when the project is complete.

Anonymous said...








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