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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I have bad timing

I will have a house full of people on Saturday. Marina {Tales from a Texas Farm Wife} being one of them. And my house is a wreck.

I didn't need to pull up the carpet in the living room.

tearing up the living room

But the hallway is almost done.

hard wood hallway

Almost done

The flooring I picked up at a Farm Auction.

Good news, my truck is running again. Woohoo for men that are Jacks of all trades!

Mr. Fixit

My tomatoes have gone crazy. I will have to give some away so they don't all go bad.


alrescate said...

The hall floor looks really nice!

Have fun this weekend!

Stephanie said...

The floor looks good.

And again wish we lived closer. I could use some of those tomatoes. I didn't plant enough and have had troubles with what I did plant. C'est la vie!

Marina said...

Too bad I probably can't bring those tomates to TX--we won't have any this year unless DH performs some miracle with the greenhouse.

Don't fret too much, y'hear? I'm just plain people, you know that.

See you daytime Saturday!

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