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Monday, August 20, 2007

It was a hot and humid day

Saturday started as it normally did. I woke up as the sun was. Started a load of laundry, feed animals and checked my emails. Around 7am it was time to wake my boys up. My husband had to work and I had to go to my mother's. My oldest son had apparently stayed up late watching a movie and wasn't about to budge. All my off key folk signing got was a few squeals and a pillow over his head. I took the other two boys to help me unload a truck bed full of dirt, giving the oldest a few minutes to wake on his own. A few minutes turned into an half hour, and when I walked up to the deck I heard Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power playing at full blast. I smiled, knowing full well that this wasn't my oldest son's doing as he likes southern rock and bluegrass. I walked into the house singing along, to find my husband's big grin and my oldest son on the couch head under the pillow and the blanket covering from head to toe. The entire album played through {ok, that shows my age, CD} and still my oldest was tucked under the blanket. I finally said I need to go, just scoop him up and put him in the truck, he can go in his underwear. I managed to hear a squeal of protest from out from under the pillow. I left him and my husband, I needed to go.

I met up with my mother and her husband around 11am, a little later than I wanted. I finally got there and was able to load up some dirt. My stepfather had rented a backhoe. My mother and I thought it seemed a little feminine for a machine.
Turned out it was light on it's feet, and my stepfather came close to falling more then once. He did tip over once, enough to mar the back of my truck.
He placed a bit of dirt {nice dark, worm invested top soil} into my truck. And what should have been a 20 minute drive turned into 30 minutes because I was floating. Technically I was doing a wheelie. The load in the bed was heavier than the front. My husband informed me of how I should fix this problem without ending up with less dirt, therefore not justify the gas money for the trip. The next round we place more dirt in the front of the bed, in front of the wheel wells. And I was able to bring home even more dirt.

Once home, I got all the men to work.On the 3rd round that morning, I had just missed the phone call from my mother. It wasn't until I got there that I was informed that the machine stopped working, no more dirt. Instead I brought home a roll of carpet for my living room. I headed home and help my husband with something else {tomorrow's topic}. The next morning, Sunday, my mother called and tells me that the machine is working again, and my stepfather is will to work on a Sunday { they are devote Christians and do not work on Sundays} to get me more of that dirt. It is a win win for us, they get a bigger yard because the raised flower garden {the thing was huge} is gone and I get wonderful topsoil. Off I go and managed to get two more loads that day.

My mother rode with me on the second load. We were headed back to her house, when I decided to stop and get something to drink at a gas station. We were leaving, backing out, when there was a load squeal and a thump. My mother asked if we would be ok, I said yes. Suddenly I realized I had no steering. Not good. So I called my husband and told him what was going on. He wasn't very happy to hear from me. I got out of the truck, and popped the hood. A belt had come off. He said he would get the boys to a neighbor and would be there in a while. My mother then called her husband.

My husband showed up first on the motorcycle. A tow rope on the back seat. My mother asked if he really thought that we could pull the truck with a bike? Well, we have done it before. Luckily my stepfather had pulled in at that time. His truck was going to pull mine, my husband would steer my truck and I would wait with the motorcycle. They pulled out and I sat on the bike with a drink, it was a long, hot wait. I got a few compliments on the bike {You don't see to many old school bikes around here, ones with kick starts} and low handed biker waves from the road.

The ride home was wonderfully cooling, but now I have a migraine from the heat.


The Fool said...

Hi Phelan. That backhoe is "cute." One step above Tonka. Glad it held out for a few loads.

Happy Monday.


lisa said...

Heh...the vehicle malfunction sure sounds familiar, except my mishap would not include a ride on a cool motorcycle! There's a silver lining for sure!

alrescate said...

I hope the truck isn't too difficult to fix...does it just need a new belt?

Where are you going to use all the soil? In the garden?

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