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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rubber ducky

We had a long day on the homestead yesterday. I cleaned out the barn. I thought I had pictures of how hard my two youngest work, but alas it seems to have been erased. But I can tell you that they worked up quite the sweat, as they sat in the lawn chairs under the barn awning, petting goats and watching me clean.

Rubber ducks! oh wait, these ones scream not squeak when squeezed.

Six ducks and one goose taking a bath in my bath tub! Nasty little things.

If you have ducklings, they should stay out of the water until their adult feathers start coming in, unless of course you are allowing the mother duck to raise them. This is because the ducklings do not produce their own oil yet, and they can end up too cold to survive in the water.

This White Crested Duckling can't seem to get his hair on right.

ETA: We will have a baby Jack or Jenny in late July!


The Fool said...

Uh, guests get to take their bath before or after the ducks?

Ducks can be so messy...I used to keep them for training retrievers....but I never brought them in for play time. Obviously, I've missed out on some fun...


Crunchy Chicken said...

Oh, I thought the guests took their bath with the ducks.

Robbyn said...

(you're supposed to let guests TAKE baths??)



Phelan said...

you guys quack me up



Dancingfarmer said...

Congrats on the baby donkey!
We have let our baby ducks bathe inside--but never with our guests and only in the kitchen sink (that's because they never remember to clean the tub afterwards)

Unknown said...

Are they in your INDOOR people bath? I have 2 ex-bathroom baths outside, a former sandpit, 1 plastic, 1 galvanized & 1 enormous galvanized in-front-of-the-fire bathtubs scattered about, filled with water for the animals. They have water ~ my holding tank's gone dry, the pipe from the wellspring is blocked again!

I posted that on LJ on April 12th & have spent 4 hours trying to post it here! For some reason, when I try to post it with all the id fields filled in, it loses my id & rejects it.

Christy removed the frogjam from my pipe yesterday & we have water ~ YIPPEE!!

April said...

Okay Phelan, I've been reading about you getting this donkey, but now I'm wondering why? What is the donkey for? How will you use the donkey? Did I miss that post? Do I need a donkey?

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