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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Project runway blogathon entry # 7

Greedyreader asks~ Is making your own clothing something you are going to eventually tackle?

Maybe some day. Right now I can't sew. I learned how to make pillows in 5th grade home ec. But after my sewing partner put the sewing machine needle throw his thumb, I was done. I hope I can find someone to barter my wool for clothing from. I know there are some, just have to get the sheep first.

Funny, I can make chainmaille no problem, but when it comes to fabrics, I am clumsy. Metal is so much easier to work with.


Anonymous said...

All your entries just showed up on LJ at once. {grin}

Chainmaille may seem easier because it's additive. Fabric perhaps seems more daunting because it's subtractive--and if you "subtract" a bit of cloth that you shouldn't, you can't undo it. Also, I suspect metal may be more predictable. Two pieces of identical fabric may behave differently if one's been washed and the other hasn't.

But I've got to tell you: a machine needle in your thumb--though unpleasant--can't be nearly as bad as a rooster bone (a spur?)...and you survived that handily. (pun intended)

I think you'd find sewing pleasantly rewarding, and much easier than you expect. But it's actually more expensive to make clothing, these days, than to buy it.

Anonymous said...

You are just thinking about it all wrong. The needle is made of metal, so it should be easy for you! Of course I am less than talented when it comes to sewing myself. My home ec teacher would fully support me in that statement!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, I could come spend a week with you, you teach me to farm, I teach you to sew. ;) But I'll be the first one to tell you that it's cheeper to get clothes from yard sales and charity stores.

Start with easy projects, mending, cloth napkins, shopping bags, and work your way up.

I don't sew anything complicated. I can get those things from thrift stores, but I can make a tunic style shirt, and elastic waist skirt. This is my normal outfit.

Anonymous said...

you need to take lessons from your cousin Johnny. He learned to make clothes for his GI Joe dolls (we couldn't afford to buy outfits), as Freshman in their school, every body had to take home-ec. He is great with a needle and thread, just ask his daughter.

Marina said...

Another fan of the thrift shops and yard sales here...

My sewing skills are rusty, but I managed to make a robe for Anthony for his first RenFaire in May. DearHusband is actually a better tailor than I (he made his own Henry VIII outfit).

Anonymous said...

bunny used to sew alot when she was younger, she helped make her friends wedding dress (nothing fancy). but she worked in the costume shop at the boy's club for their musicals, and really enjoyed it. i took home ec too and did some sewing at the cocteau in their costume shop.

but i have to agree with the others thats its cheaper to get ready made clothes than to make. if there's something specific you want then its definately worth doing because you'll have the satisfaction of making it yourself and you'll have the fabic and style you want.


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