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Saturday, July 29, 2006

games at blogathon You are welcome to play along!


What's your favorite place in the whole world? It could be favorite park, or Paris, or your room, or anywhere! Post about it on your blog, and send the permalink to with the subject line GAME 3. You have 30 minutes to post for a $5 sponsorship

My favorite Place in the whole world would have to be my garden. I get to watch my seeds grow and become adults that will sustain us. It's wonderful to be able to sink your hands into the cool earth when it's too hot to be outside. In my garden I am in another world, where there is no one to bother me, and no one to bother. I love watching my children run through the rows of corn playing tag or chasing butterflies. Besides, what better excuse is there to get muddy?

1 comment:

Marina said...

That is a great picture!

We're hoping for a view like that next year...

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