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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Children on the homestead Blogathon entry #6

Florafloraflora asks~ How active are your kids in your homesteading efforts, or if they're not old enough to help out, how active do you plan for them to be? What do they like/dislike about homesteading?

I have 3 boys. 9, 4, and 2.

The 2 year old is the most helpful. He is still at the age were he wants to make mom and dad happy. He tries to help with the egg gathering, but the rooster and the geese loath him, and after the first attack, he has to wait on the other side of the fence and I hand eggs over to him. {my gander still tries to get him through the fence}

The 4 year old has decided that he wants to be the laziest child ever to have been birthed. And refuses to do anything, except help me cook. That's fine, it teaches him science and math as well as creativity. and he is more likely to eat his veggies this way.

My 9 year old hates it out here. He is lonely in the summer time. But when it comes to helping, as long as I have the patience to wait out his fit throwing, he will grudgingly help.

A little bit about me; I have a total of 4 boys. When I was 18 years old I gave birth to my first son. I was alone, on my bathroom floor. He was 3 ½ months pre-term, and was only able to be with me for a month. He would have been 10 this year. I thought about having March for Dimes as my charity, but Farm aid was on my mind now. If ever you happen to buy a shoe for March of Dimes, please remember either my Child, Getty, or one of the many other children that could/can be saved with March of Dimes help.

4 points to florafloraflora!


Marina said...

Here's hoping your boys will come around

I don't suppose some stories about farmboys would be inspirational?

Maybe the farm "clubs" up there might help?

Anonymous said...

Are you a 4H family at all? Maybe that might get the boys inspired and your 9 year old would not be so bored in the summer.
Do you have other families in your area that you trade crops with?

(who has bought shoes for Getty)

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