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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Big Brother is watching blogathon entry #8

I don't even know what 'the grid' is?
~ stumped in NJ

The grid would be the power lines and private owned electric companies. To become self-sufficient we want to not have to rely on them for power, hence going solar.

Map of "the grid"


Anonymous said...

In a recent long drawn out conversation with someone else, we discussed solar energy vs wind, and other forms of energy. We did come to the agreement that at least for my area (western Washington state) you could not generate enough with solar alone. So my questions are, do you know anyone in your area that uses solar as their sole power source and can you generate enough to keep you warm and happy?
My next question is about the cost of solar, do you have a plan to buy the set up panels on a farmers budget?

Marina said...

wow, TX is adrift in the Gulf!


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