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Saturday, July 29, 2006

My edumacation blogathon post #15

how did you ever learn how to do all of this? oh and when I do I get to sample some of this soup you have been canning? :)


I read, a lot. I have purchased numerous books, BookCrossers have sent me some. My only problem with the books are that they are written from personal experience and those experiences differ greatly. I love reading about things, but when they start disagreeing with each other, it's time to find your own way. My mother kind of taught me to can. Kind of meaning via the phone.

You want soup? you get soup!

5 points to Rubyreader for being so darn flattering!

30 minutes left until the scavenger hunt ends!

Dited for oneforeworldpeace. Look here for some of the books I use


Anonymous said...

Can you recomend some books?

Anonymous said...

you should write your own homesteading book!
the blog is a good start and you will have an outline for when you write this book...

Phelan said...

oneforworldpeace; here is a link to another post I made

Phelan said...

which doesn't work in comment...grrr...I will answer your question in the post

Anonymous said...

I think Carla Emery tells about all her mistakes in her Encyclopedia of Country Living. My only complaint about that book is that she time travels so much from one paragraph to the next.

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