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Friday, May 26, 2006

Why write about the mistakes?

As an avid reader, I have purchased book after book on the subject of raising your own chickens, keeping goats, organic gardening and homesteading in general They have told me many things, things that the experienced chicken wrangler/goat herder/gardener/homesteader has learned over time. But even in the most personal homesteading books, they merely graze the topic of “Your first time.” They do not prepare you properly for your firsts . And why should this be important? For me it would be the mistakes. Not only are they a good anecdote, but they help in allowing you to not feel so alone in the silliest of mistakes. I am a homesteading fledgling, and perhaps some of you are as well. If not, you might enjoy this blog with fond memories of your first time. But if you are new to all of this, maybe I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I make. We shall learn together.

The links provided with this entry, are just a few of my reference manuals. In no way am I saying stay away from these books, for without them, my mistakes would be even more horrific.

The picture above is my family flying kites on our land.

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