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Saturday, July 29, 2006

blogathon game 7

If you want, feel free to reply here with your answers.

Post about your earliest memory.

My earliest memory is ballet class. I don't remember how old I was, but I remember that my mother wouldn't allow me to take my toy horse in with me. I was not happy. She took it from me, and I sulked off into the classroom, only to re-emerge within seconds, screaming and crying as if my life had been threatened with bodily harm. Strange, because the second memory I have is of my first day of kindergarten, I slammed my finger into the car door {which happened to be locked} and my mother began to drive off . And then I was learning to ride a bike. First time without training wheels. I fell over, and my mother, who was riding her bike behind me, ran over my head. {Does anyone else see a pattern here?}


Anonymous said...

The earliest memory that I can put a date to was when I was 5. My dad came in and got me up one Sunday morning. He told me to look outside. It was a hazy gray, and things were falling from the sky. I thought it was snowing. But no, not on May 18, Mt St Helen's had just erupted and it was ash that was falling from the sky.

I have other memories from that time, but they are fuzzy, and I don't know if they are before or after that, because I don't know when they were.

Anonymous said...

hmmm I have a terrible memory when it comes to things from my childhood.
Two vivid memories I have are being in a daycare for circle time and saying the Pledge of Allegiance. The oher was of being little and touching a lightbulb and burning my hand bad enough that I had to go to the ER.

Anonymous said...

one of the earliest i can vaguely remember is banging on the heating riser pipe in the kitchen and hearing that sharp clang, and echoing out the window, 'benny, take the baby!' after my grandmother said it.
benny was my cousin who lived upstairs with my great-aunt. he was such a burley guy, but very tender. i was very little at the time because when his father passed away, benny hung himself from grief, and that was before i started going to school.

Anonymous said...

One of my earliest memories is of getting a Little Golden Book from the store. I don't remember which book it was (it may have been Goldilocks), what store we were in, who bought it for me, or how old I was, but I remember holding it in my hand and being very excited about it. I don't know if it was the same book, but I used to go around "reading" certain nursery rhymes (and adding my own comments) from one of my books when I was three or four.

Anonymous said...

I recognize the pattern! It is very familiar to me since it was always my dad that seemed to be trying to kill me when I was a kid.

My earliest memory was of a visit to the doctor and a shot in the butt. I remember the doctor being an old man, his examining room was a rectangular shape with a window at the far end. When facing the window his desk was on the right side of the room and the exam table on the left. At the end of the exam table was a chair. I described this memory to my mother about 10 years ago and asked her how old I was. She said I couldn't have been more than 18 months old because the doctor died when I was about that age.

Anonymous said...

My earliest memory is very boring. It is from when I was 18 months old, apparently - because I told it to my dad once and he said 'How on earth can you remember that? You were only 18 months old!'

But here it is. We had just moved house and the back garden (yard) was all soil, instead of a lawn. And my dad kept saying we were going to get a lawn. And one day he brought the new lawn home. It was in squares of grass, that he laid out on the soil. It reminded me of when he had put lino tiles in the kitchen! And I remember being extremely surprised and feeling that he was cheating! I'd assumed that he would buy seeds to make it grow, like he did with other plants.

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