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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Call me Laura Ingalls Wilder Blogathon entry #4

Seems that Buffra is a littled peeved that oneforworldpeace took her question. {not really, but we need some good morning drama}

buffra asked~HOW self-sufficient are you/do you want to be?

Glad you asked. Within the year we will no longer be on the grid. Instead of getting our electricity from the company, we will be solar powered. I have 2 wood burning stoves that will go into our new home, along with a cooking hearth. Hopefully we will no longer have to go to the grocery store, as the new house will have a green house attached. We want to grow our own tropical fruits. As I said in the last post, we plan on raising more of our own meat and keep at least one milking cow. My husband read the book 1984 at a too young of age, so I blame all this on him. Once the new house is up, the only bills will be the morgage, internet, phone and propane. We plan on keeping the propane for awhile, I don't like electric stoves.

4 points to Buffra! {she is also blogging for a cause. Go say hi

Oh, the points, well I give them out willy-nilly like. The winner of the contests do get 10 points. Points will add up, and at the end of the blogathon, the top 5 point earners names will be placed into a hat. The winner gets the grand prize of CENSORED


Anonymous said...

I was a bit surprised that Little House on the Prairie was your reason for homesteading. I was expecting something more dark and end times-ish. Like we got to get off the grid before the world comes to an end. So my next questions is, when do we get to see you dressed up in the prairie dress with the apron and bonnet? (ducks the flying projectiles that were just thrown at me)

I have some real gardening questions if you want questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Phelan! :D

Anonymous said...

Questions for your future posts: Does your place have a name? And how many critters do you have now (more or less)?

Anonymous said...

Is making your own clothing something you are going to eventually tackle? Or will this be a tie to 'the grid?'

Anonymous said...

PS. I don't even know what 'the grid' is?
~ stumped in NJ

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the wool thing. Do you plan to sell the wool or actually spin it (or whatever it is called) and create your own clothing? With all that you do so far, I am having a hard time figuring out where the time for that would come from!

Marina said...

oneworld's comment reminds me of what DH calls my "Holly Hobbie dress"

Don't know where he got the notion, but claims it's my sexiest dress.

*rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

I've been out taking farm related pictures around here. I have cotton blooms, fields of cotton, the poor desolate corn fields, and one to make you wonder if what you've always heard about Texas summers is just one big lie.

If you can use them for a blog topic, I'll post them on flickr and you can link to them. Or whatever works for you.

Anonymous said...

will building your own house be a part of this homesteading experience?


Ant said...

I'm just glad you're keeping Internet connectivity :)

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