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Saturday, July 29, 2006

In the Grand Scheme of things Blogathon entry #3

Alrescate asked ~What's your grand plan for the farm? (One year plan? Five year plan? Ten year plan?)

Our farm should take many turns during this time frame. In one year I hope to have our underground green shelter built. In five years our orchard should be producing, and we will be off the grid. {going solar} We do hope that we will no longer depend on others for much of anything. We are getting sheep and llamas for meat and wool, we have plans of a milk cow for dairy, and my husband is trying to convience me to milk a goat {hey, they make good cheese} The ten year plan would being selling and buying more land.

Sorry Alrescate only 2 points for this {She asked a week ago, but I give her credit because she can not be online today}


Anonymous said...

Just to let you know...your posts aren't showing up on LJ through the syndication. It may be a time-delay thing...maybe they'll be there later?

Meanwhile, the long-range goal for your place sounds like a good one. And it'll be nice to have documentation (here in your blog)--with pictures--to look back on. (Your kids and grandkids will love seeing all this stuff...)

Marina said...

Good on you for having a long-term plan! We're still working on the timeline aspect of ours.

Anonymous said...

Wow dear, you have some big goals.
Could you explain more about the underground shelter? I knew you wanted to do this, but I am not sure exactly what the plan is.


Anonymous said...

Only two points? And here I came into town just for you! *grin*

Thanks for the outline of your plans. I like the llama idea.

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