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Saturday, July 29, 2006

THE END IS NIGH! blogathon entry #5

Pardon me while I throw things at oneforworldpeace.

No we are not doomsayers. We just don't want to have to rely on others. Things that others take for granted. {I love the program dirty Jobs} We are not hippies {nothing wrong with hippies, my mother was one} We just love working the ground. There is so much pride that comes along with growing your own {food that is}.

My husband says; it's the pride that comes with being independent. {he's a work horse, not a literal horse} We have more time than money.

Thanks for making me laugh oneforworldpeace, 4 more points to you.

I really like this gal, here's some oneforworldpeace trivia. She raises her own bees.

KF-in-Georgia; lj is on a time delay, they will show up shortly.


Marina said...

Yay for independence!

So, when are you going to start homeschooling the boys?

[good thing I'm out of reach]

Anonymous said...

So whose idea was the homesteading thing, and how much convincing had to be done?


Anonymous said...

I can't even begin to imagine all the new skills one would need to learn in order to make a home self-sufficient. These days, most of us are ill-equipped to do things that used to be taken as common, such as canning, sewing clothing, raising and butchering animals, and many, many other things that I either don't know about or forgot to mention.

Good for you for taking on such an amazing project!

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