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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Blowing sun blogathon entry #21

You mention that you are choosing solar over wind. Is it possible under the rightconditions to use both so you have a constant supply of energy? how many turbines would you need for your area? how big are they/how much room do they take up? ~Rubyreader

Solar stores in a central battery unit, so the supply is constant, and it is possible to use both. For more turbine info click here.

You can buy smaller turbines.

Our problem with room, is the height. Prop planes fly too low for them to be here. Of course, if we decide to look further into this, I will get you more info.5 points rubyreader!

Only an hour left to tell me your farm story {real or not} to be put into the drawing for a hand made scarf!

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