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Saturday, July 29, 2006

livestock R us blogathon entry # 22

Perhaps some thoughts on what kinds of livestock you might add to the homestead in the future? ~alrescate

Besides getting more and more chicks....
my frizzle chick

We were talking about a milking cow, sheep and llamas. We have also thought about adopting a donkey. Once we get more land, we thought about a couple of Draft horses to go even more old school.
Cattle that we babysat for my brother-in-law

30 points for driving into town just to post this question! Right on alrescate!

1 comment:

One4worldpeace said...

sheep and llamas give you wool, but what does one use a donkey for?

Growing up we had a neighbor who had a donkey, but she was the type to want to have one of everything (mini horses, pot belly pig, pigeons, and so forth)

I love Draft horses. A farm here in town has and uses them. Amsome animals, and to watch them work is thrilling (for me anyways)

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