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Friday, July 11, 2014


I have weeds! I am a human being!

Excuse my Elephant-man moment.

I was asked to post pictures of the weeds in my garden. Suddenly I feel I am defending myself against being called Martha Stewert. No, not really just whipping up the drama, it's for effect.

Weeds in my green beans

Weeds in my onion

Brussel sprouts and weeds

Dill weeds! (You knew that was coming.)

I even have tomatoes in my weeds.

Weeds and squash.

Now I hope my accuser feels better.  Otherwise I might end up in a pickle.

Oh the garden puns are bad with this one.

I get an hour, sometimes a bit more, in the garden daily. Harvesting takes most of the time, but I try to weed as I go along. All the weeds pictured above have been severally crippled. Yet there are more waiting for my attention. Sunday is my only real day to get out there.

Husband works a lot. He has many other things to take up his only day off. And my attempt to get the boys involved in the garden project gets mixed results. Some days they are on it. Especially if they find horn worms, then it is on! Weeding isn't on their bucket lists. And I don't blame them, I wouldn't want it there either. But this weekend I am picking up a year old bale (free) to use as mulch. The soil here drains way too well. I have had to water in the week between rains. I am use to heavier soil, so find this odd. The hay will help that and then I can be called names for the weedlessness of my garden. And I will accept them humbly.  

I think the lack of chocking weeds comes from the fact that the garden soil was broken by hand. I scooted along on my butt, slowly pulling out root balls and rocks. It took two months to prepare the soil. And I think it was worth it. I have had gardens with life force destroying weeds. The tedium of removing them brought tears to the eyes and blisters on the fingers. And although this took much longer than the tiller, I believe it was worth it. With the weather cooler in the early spring, I wasn't sweating and cursing. I think I will continue to prep this side of the garden in this manner, we can till the other side for the food items that can defend themselves much better. 

And I might just be a little bit gung-ho about things. My first garden after the wreck, my first garden on my new land. There is a good chance of slackness taking over. And my garden of weeds will return to its former glory. 

I expect my accuser to reciprocate. Let me see those weeds baby. 


DR said...

I'm almost sure the weed in the first picture is wood sorrel, a wild edible.

Practical Parsimony said...

The wood sorrel looks like what we children chewed on when I was a child. Mama told us not to eat it, but we sneaked and chewed it to get the taste, then spit it out.

What is the weed in the onions? I hope it is edible since I have so much of it around here.

Phelan said...

Wood sorrel is thick here. Since it is in my yard and fields, it doesn't belong in my garden. :)

Not sure what the other one is Practical, I have lots of it though.

Anonymous said...

Evidently I'm no Marha Stewart either. I've got the wood sorrel, bindweed (bane of my existence)foxtail, crabgrass and some yellow flowered thistle thing.
Not sure on the accuracy of it.. but the weed in the onions kind of looks like ragweed.

Ashley in Nebraska

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