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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Independence Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th! 

As for me, I stayed in the holler to babysit the cows, and allowed the boys to go to town to be kids and enjoy the holiday.

They really enjoyed the Internet from what I have been told. Aw well. It gave them time to be kids without responsibilities. 

Before my story continues I have to obligatory warning; do this and you could die, sayth the FDA and USDA.

I canned 13 pints of green beans.

They are a bit larger than I like to pick, but right now I can only do things when I am able to get to them. These will be put in the way back shelf, give them time to soften up a bit more, to be used last or in stew. They still pop when snapped, I didn't keep any rubber ones.

Still without propane, I had to use an open fire to can.

It's difficult and super tedious to pressure can on a campfire. It requires you get it very hot, then back off on the heat and attempt to maintain a constant temptature. I might be talented, but not that talented. I chose to hot water bath them. 


It takes 90 mins to do, at a hard boil. 

While the first batch was going, I harvest and started drying more spinach.

Without an electric dehydrator (I have one packed somewhere) I use a window frame with screen, placed on four logs, then cover with hail screen. With the moisture here, it takes two to three days for them to completely dry.

I thought I might take a bath, but the cows kept drinking my bath water.

Soon my first batch of green beans were done, and I restoked the fire and started the second batch.

Sunday I will be able to can the younger, better tasting green beans. 


HermitJim said...

Must be a real hassle, having to do it like that. Bet they will taste good, though.

Phelan said...

It's not so bad with the campfire. Pressure canning on it would have been much more of a hassle. This just is time consuming. I was able to get some reading in though.

Bob from Athens said...

Where were the fda and usda fifty or sixty or so years ago when great great gran MA was doing her canning on an open fire or a wood stove. If you know what you are doing and pay attention to detail then a lot of "unapproved" methods will work and be safe.

Donna. W said...

My mom always did the water bath canning with green beans, although as I recall she did the quarts for 3 hours. She hated pressure-canned green beans, said they were overcooked.

Sandy Livesay said...

Your beans look really nice, great job on the canning. 90 minutes, that is a while at least you were able to read :-)

FancyHorse said...

A great harvest! They look pretty all canned up.

West Tx at Heart said...

You just have amazing skills girl... never cease to amaze me.

texasann said...

Kudos to you, Phelan, for doing what had to be done, no matter how. I can't imagine your lifestyle, and complain when the internet gets too slow, but I totally admire you for living toward your dream. You go girl! I'm proud to (sorta) know you!

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