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Friday, July 25, 2014

Blackberry Jelly

Another after dark, campfire canning event.

The berries were dutifully smashed, then processed through my food mill. Next I drained the juice, pulp and seed through three layers of cheese cloth, and allowed it to drip over night. And then into the next day, unable to get to it until after dinner, as the sun set.

With the campfire roaring, I placed my canner, a pot of water for the jars and a pot of the juice to boil (4 cups) I use a fly wheel on top of my campfire. Keeps my pots from going black and gives me a more consistent heat. Once the juice slow rolled, I added one box of pectin, and brought to a hard boil.

Using a flashlight, I checked it periodically to make sure it was a hard boil, then allowed it to roll for one minute. Next I dumped 4 1/2 cups sugar into the scalding juice and returned it to a hard boil, again checking on it with my flashlight. It should only take a minute, but sometimes it can take 5, as bringing it back up, without burning it can be tricky on an open fire.

Once it jelled on a spoon (did I mention it is July, yet I can see my breath at night?) I poured the soon to be jelly into my sterile jars and processed in the hot water bath for 30 mins. It should only take 10, but my fire wasn't fully cooperating. 

And there you go. Very basic blackberry jelly. Up next, rum/ blackberry vanilla spiced blackberry jelly and chocolate raspberry jam.

My confession;

I have an aversion to crunchy jam or jelly. There is a time and a place for crunch, this is not one of them. I realize that many people do like blackberry jam. I won't hate you because of our differences. Just know that. I am a texture person, and I will look at you like you just emerged naked from a spaceship that flew out of a unicorn's rear end. But we can still be friends.


Kate said...

That's funny - I absolute cannot abide the texture of jelly and for the life of me can't imagine why people eat it. The chunkier the jam, the better!!

Sandy Livesay said...

Blackberry Jelly......YUM!!!!
I haven't tried to make Blackberry yet. Partly because we don't have Blackberries growing around here.
I'll need to pickup some from the farmers market.

FancyHorse said...

LOL at the last paragraph! I'm glad we can still be friends, as I do like jam, and jelly, and preserves.

Practical Parsimony said...

LOL. I do love blackberry jam and jelly equally. I would make jam because it is faster, and I suppose I do prefer it just a tad more. That reminds me--I need to check on some blackberries that were promised to me.

West Tx at Heart said...

Im with you. Texture is everything. Stick to your guns Ms Adventure.

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