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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Berry time.

Blackberries and raspberries are ready and waiting to be plucked, or fall, whichever their suicidal tendencies may lean. Medium and I stopped at the top of our driveway, and slowly walked the half mile down, gathering what we could reach, bloodying our hands purple. 

Medium immediately started to complain when he realized how thick the thorns were. Between the blackberries, the rose bushes, stinging nettles, and something I have yet to identify, cat scratch fever was proclaimed by my middle son. Suck it up buttercup. I received a glare to my laughing reply. A few scratches, no real blood, however we discovered that one of the thorny plants enjoyed breaking its talons off into the soft flesh of mammals. I think I still have one in the back of my neck.

Being interrogated by the locals, lead me to believe I would be fighting off territorial 25ft snakes, with venom dripping from their eyes. I was vexed by the thorns, spiders and hornets. Oh dear, the hornets were our bane! We could have that berry, but woe is you if you plucked that one, or that one! The buzzing of the hornets changed swiftly from the medolic hum to a high pitch "mine mine mine". At one point Medium suggested pushing me down the hill and running for it. "I know where you live boyo".

Once the hornets realized we were superior, having thumbs and all, they let us be. And we resumed our plucking. The woods alive with birds and other insects, yet left us alone to enjoy light banter and thorn drama. 

"I wasn't calling Rapunzel." I suddenly yelled. "Don't scratch out my eyes!"   Thorns in my hair, my ear, grasping desperately to my back. I, stuck in a frozen runners pose, please no, I pleaded. "Relax mom. I'll save you." Oh Medium, my hero.

We spent two hours picking. This is what we were able to gather just off the driveway. Next, the fields.


Judy said...

I see blackberry and raspberry jam in your futures. Of course, how many fresh berries can y'all eat before they make it to the jelly pot? And jars of pie filling for this winter, maybe syrup for pancakes! Yummy, I've made myself hungry now!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Blackberry country and it was the job of the 5 of us to bring Mom berries for jam. We made good use of pruning shears and machetes to get to them without being torn by the thorns. Turns out the pruning was good for them. they always came back thicker with more berries where we had been harvesting. Just a thought.

texasann said...

Wow, what bounty! I have not picked wild berries since I was a kid, but love the store-bought ones I have now. I'm so jealous! You've paid in blood, so enjoy youre harvest!!

Practical Parsimony said...

Those look delicious. I once got stuck in a several rose vines coming over my back fence. Thankfully, I had someone here to rescue me, or I would have had to rip my way out. Those thorns are a half inch long and don't even reward me with berries, just some ugly roses. Really, they are ugly roses.

My mouth is watering.

Funny post.

FancyHorse said...

Oh, the possibilities! And this winter, when you are enjoying the jelly, jam, and pie filling, your wounds will have healed!

West Tx at Heart said...

Go for it Medium :-)

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