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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

A Frivolous post

am canning 2 quarts of green beans nightly. However, I am losing quart jars at half the rate, 1 per night so far. They are just too old. I only have so many pint jars, and they are just as elderly. 

 I finally was able to harvest peas. Not even a half pint, but still I am stoked.  It took years for me to find the peas that would actually produce in Kansas drought. I will try a different pea type come fall, see how well they do. I have hope! 

Cucumbers are close to harvest,

So are some of the squashes.

Food wise, I think this winter will be vastly better. 

Husband was mowing the lawn the other day.

I of course took photos. Husband and his idiot stick. Someday we may have a tractor again. Until then, this is how we have to keep the fields cleared.

When he caught me taking his photo he informed me "it's hard work being eye candy".

Of course I don't find it that hard, but then I'm just watching. (Ewww mushy stuff!)

We keep are spirits high, even when things are difficult. We have ran into many problems, many I have kept from you. We will eventually get everything straightened out. We always do. 


Carol said...

awww, you two are so sweet!

garden goodies look yummy.

Anonymous said...

Always look forward to reading about your family and the "goings-on" around your campfire. The garden looks beautiful, maybe next year will be easier in many different aspects.

Aunt D.

Judy said...

I love it when you show us 'frivolous' stuff.

What's going on with your jars? Are they chipped? Did they get banged around in the move or has the interiors of the jars been inadvertently scratched when removing food. I have jars that are older than God that just don't fail me. I have bigger problems with newer jars. Let us know if you figure out what's happening with your jars.

Practical Parsimony said...

I hate your canning jars are dying. That's why I buy a box of quarts and a box of pints every year. I don't want a mass failure. Since there is only me, pints work best unless it is for tomatoes.

Cute about the "eye candy." I do hope you can get a tractor/mower soon.

carol anne said...

Beautiful garden and veggies. Do you get to eat any of the veggies fresh or are all of them canned?

Phelan said...

We eat green beans every other night, and have spinach and lettuce about every night as well. Once more items come in, we will be able to diversify our table.

longtime wife said...

Garden looks great! I planted Freezonia heirloom peas, and they produced amazingly. I am saving seeds from them. We have eaten four large meals worth so far. Wonder what is making the jars fail? I so hope things start heading in the right direction .

FancyHorse said...

This sounds optimistic. I'm glad you are feeling better about your future in Kentucky. Your veggies look great!

Eye candy, LOL! Tell him all those muscles he's building are enhancing the "candy"!

Sandy Livesay said...

Your fresh vegetables are really looking good.

I've noticed several jars cracking in the middle of processing items. The jars weren't cracked or chipped before using them either. I'm was also wondering what the problem maybe...............maybe old like you've indicated with yours.

Eye always entertaining.

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