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Monday, June 09, 2014

Go out with some friends, win prizes.

Actually my new saying is, get drunk in the ghetto, wake up with chickens.

We have made some new friends, which is great on many levels. They are older than us. The wife informed me her youngest daughter was older than me. It's all good, we like them.

We went to their home and had a few beers, which led to shots, which led to us staying over. 

When I woke the next morning, I had four hens and a rooster waiting to go home with me! A neighbor was moving and couldn't take his spring birds. The area is littered with pit bulls and owners saying they would gladly take the birds, their dogs would love playing with them. When the owner found out we had some acreage and homestead, he put all five birds, the ground cage, the feeders and waters and a carrier in our truck. 

The ground cage is a bit small for grown birds, and we of course are getting more. Plans are under way for the coop, just now it has been moved to the top of the list.


Sandy Livesay said...


It looks like you're really getting settled in at your new place with meeting new friends.

I'm happy to hear the chickens went with you and your husband instead of toys for dogs.

How's the new job coming along for your husband?

Cloud said...

I wish someone would give me some birds! Though I would need to find somewhere for them to live first… Good luck with the new girls!

Practical Parsimony said...

Those are pretty birds. Congratulations on the windfall. Oh, it would be terrible to have pit bulls play with them.

I discovered that appliances come bolted to squares of wood, just perfect to make a pen since they are 4x4 feet. It won't be something I can walk into, just something to shelter the chickens from weather. I have friends who are younger than my youngest child who is 38. I don't think age really matters.

kath said...

Awesome! Fresh eggs and new friends. The universe delivers...
How was the Open House at the shop last weekend? Did all go well?

texasann said...

Well done, Phelan! Good friends are always handy, and it seems you have found some. Congratulations on adding to your were due some luck of the positive variety, and maybe this is the beginning of much more. Prayers and best wishes to you and yours ~

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