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Friday, March 14, 2014

Being Neglectful

Not on purpose mind you, I just don't know what to write to you about. Our days here are rather mundane. We basically do the same thing we do every night Pinky.

I do have a plan to take over the world, and it doesn't involve rubber pants and whip cream.

I have been plotting out the garden, agonizing over the house, and fretting over work. Seems like you have to start your own business here to actually have any work. Besides the shop, I have been putting some plans together. It's something I had thought about doing in Kansas. But I think it would work better here. So I have been tweaking a business plan.

With the warm up our drive way is now mud.

We get to go muddin' every day! And we are starting to laugh more. Maybe the winter blahs will be passing.

Thank you for the emails and the comments. I really don't mean to worry any of you. If I die, Small Farm Girl will inform you as soon as she makes it down to check on us. HA!


Harry Flashman said...

This past winter was hellish, and you folks still are not completely set up so it was harder for you than for most. I have admired your determination and your courage. Please don't die on us.

Jess (Ozark Momma) said...

Yes...please don't judge KY on this winter. It's been almost 20 years since one like this has been around (that I can remember). Spring is springing (at least all the Spring-y bulbs popping up all over are telling me so)...just hold tight!

kath said...

We call mud season the fifth season of the year in NY. We also have a long, dirt driveway. It's always fun slipping and sliding up and down and seeing mud caked all over the cars. Your driveway is a lot longer and steeper than mine is though, so it has to be rough, but at least it's not ice anymore. It sounds like it's been a hell of a winter for you guys. You should write a book about it for all those people who have fantasies about homesteading!
As for work, I feel your pain. You're absolutely right, you do have to start your own business to have a job anymore, especially if you're older, like I am. I've been looking everywhere for a while now for something full time with insurance. Hubby is self-employed and we pay almost $18,000/year just for health insurance. No offense if you like the man, but Obamacare is a joke. We priced our exact insurance plan with the same carrier on the website and it would cost MORE than we're paying on our own. This is what happens when government gets involved. I'm trying to find something to ease the pain so maybe we can save a little money and retire before we die. That goal seems farther out of reach each day.
Anyway, thanks for the update, please keep us posted, even if you think it's boring!

HermitJim said...

Sooner or later you'll find that silver lining that I hear folks talking about from time to time.

Just keep on keeping on!

longtime wife said...

Mud season, ah yes. It is upon us all on the east coast. but the spring winds are definitely blowing!

Unknown said...

Mud season is most of the year here. Ugh. In AL it doesn't get very cold, and our property is flat and holds water like crazy. I love it. But it is muddy most of the fall, winter, and spring. Even though it means more mud, I'm so glad to be finishing up the worst part of the winter. I'm not a fan of freezing temps.

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