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Monday, February 03, 2014

You have great advice.

Please don't take this as your advice isn't welcomed, it is, and it has always been.

I am rather an old hat when it comes to dealing with dogs attacking livestock. I have stood out in blizzard topless, using my shirt to staunch the blood of a goat. I have buried the remains of massacres, and shot several dogs.

My question about bringing baked goods, was a dark joke. I have met the family before this, and they seem to be reasonable people, a nice family. Etiquette in Kansas dictated that you got a warning. After that one could get the county involved if you for some reason wanted to save that dog. But most the time county would do nothing unless it bit a person and that person ended up in ER. 

This isn't sheep country here. I believe I am the only one with sheep right now. I could be wrong as I can't see down into other hollers. There are a few head of cattle besides mine and Small Farm Girl's. Mainly chickens. And I guess these dogs have been a problem for those birds. 

If I had caught those dogs, or if Large had been at the house rather than walking down the hill, they would have been shot then and there. No questions, no talking, nothing. 

Sprocket went missing a few months after arriving here. The puppies came into our life after the wreck. So as of right now there are no guardians for the sheep. I wasn't able to work with the puppies due to not being able to walk and all. They make good alarms, but they bark at anything that makes a noise in the woods. Hopefully we can find guardianship sooner rather than later. 

The ram is also too young still to protect his women, um errr woman. It will be another year before he will have the bulk.

Unfortunately, this last sheep to die was my last Painted Desert. The ram is a mix and the ewe is a black belly. My breeding herd is gone. 

For now I will wait on rebuilding that herd.

And thank you guys again for the dog and driveway advice. And glad to know I am not alone.


Rob said...

I went back and looked, no one mentioned "the 3 'S's", I thought someone would...
Shoot, shovel & shutup.

10 years ago SSS would have been about all the advice most would have given.

Tewshooz said...

Well, I mentioned two separate posts and it was not published. If you have animals you have the responsibility to defend them. Trespassers can be human or animal. Either one gets shot.

Phelan said...

3 S's were mentioned.

And tewshooz, your comments are posted. Because the amount of spam blogger allows through, I publish them myself. And because I don't have internet at home, they sometimes sit (comments) waiting fir me to get to the shop. Weekend comments will take longer to show up. Sorry about that. And I agree with your statement.

Anonymous said...

I ain't going to give you advice sweet girl. Hell, following my advice could get your cute behind thrown in jail so I will remain silent on the subject. You guys are in my thoughts as always.

longtime wife said...

Hi there Phelan, there is something I mailed out on the way. Stay safe and warm

Donna. W said...

One year I raised four bottle lambs, one male and three females. They were almost grown when a neighbor's pack of 4 German Shepherds killed three and injured the other so badly he had to be put down. I got out of the sheep business with a broken heart. They were my babies.

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