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Thursday, February 27, 2014

A "by request" post

I received a lovely email from a fellow blogger requesting that I publicly state my seed collection.

I have seeds.

Oh, I think she meant more details. I have seeds that I had seed saved from almost two years ago. I didn't get a garden last year due to the whole shattered leg thing and moving. They should still be viable. ( I will be having my "I relearned how to walk!" anniversary soon)

I do not have cabbage, green beans, pumpkin, or squash(es) seeds. I do have a wishlist item. Tiger melon. We love it, but the seeds went to mold so no longer have them.

And I do not have a place warm enough to start my early seeds, like tomatoes and peppers. All my starter equipment was somehow overlooked and left behind in Kansas. Ugh! I can live. Will just have to buy some cheap leggy starters at one of the stores.

I have already began cold weather garden prep. We had a couple days of nice weather. And I was getting itchy. I will post more on that in a few weeks, when it is time to get potatoes planted.

I think that's it.


Hidden Haven Homestead said...

If you will send your mailing address I will be happy to send you some of last years pumpkin, green beans, cabbage and any other seeds you might want (except tiger melon) I lucked up and got thousands of packs of seeds from my favorite feed/farm store at what they considered the end of planting season and were going to toss them out. veggie, herb, flower seeds that I kept in a cool dry place all winter and am now sorting and sharing.

longtime wife said...

Shoot , I have seeds from last year, I will send you some for sure!
I am begining to think winter will never end, I planned to do onions carrots beets and potatoes next month. Well we are getting another FOOT of snow this weekend. And I still cant see my garden under the snow...le sigh.
I can also send you starts of several herbs I have if you want them. I have thyme, lemon thyme ( which I love), chives, maybe oregano.Let me know if you want some of the herbs sent your way.
going to email you a question. Glad to see you are back

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