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Friday, January 17, 2014

Where are the cows?

Cows had been gone a day and a half. And they didn't show when a bale was brought down. So off Husband and I went, into the depths of the holler.

Oh, there they are! Found a place to lay in some sun.

Is there a problem human?


Anonymous said...

Barbara Kingsolver says that when her house was built, the land owner fenced the property, then put cows on it. He built the house on the cow's favorite bedding spot, because it was the best protected from the worst weather. He built the barn on their second favorite spot.

Sandy Livesay said...


Moo!!!! We just went on a field trip humans :-)

Harry Flashman said...

Good thing you found them. When I had horses, they used to break through the electric fence and wander off into the woods. That was always a lot of fun. Fortunately the dogs always found them.

practical parsimony said...

"Can we have a ride back, Humans?"

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