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Monday, November 11, 2013

This and that.

First, thank you to all that have served and sacrificed for our country. 

We have been busy trying to keep the house warm.

Been at for a few rides.

And keep things going at the shop.

I actually do have a bunch to say. I will try to sit down and get it all gathered in.

Until then, hug a Vet! ( I always miss my dad this time of year.)


Harry Flashman said...

Staying warm is no joke in the mountains, is it? I am using propane wall heaters, I've gotten lazy and don't want to work so hard with wood. I've got the fireplace and the wood stove for backup though, and plenty of wood. That's good for my nerves.

I'm looking forward to a long post with all the news about your activities.

bbarna said...

Hi Phelan,
I pop by from time to time, but have been super busy too. We were lucky to get a large dump truck of birch logs (we don't have too much hardwood this far west and north). The logs were 22 ft long and ended up being about 4 to 5 cords worth, but we had to buck and split it.
We are in town, so have a furnace but it is pretty expensive to run all winter. I have made a new quilt for our bed. Big enough to hang over both our butts at the same time :-)
The photos are great. Best of luck in the new homestead and with the business.
Barb from Canada.

Rob said...

Winter is real some places and staying warm with wood takes time. Starting a business takes time too.

Having fun is more important (for the most part)than writing a blog, we'll be here when you get done taking care of the other business!

Sandy Livesay said...

Hey there girl,

I bet the boy's love helping out with cutting wood to keep the place warm.

It's beautiful countryside and the perfect time of year to be going for a bike ride.

Sunnybrook Farm said...

Your splitter is just like mine, I have split many a truck load with it. I use 3 wedges, really just 2 as the 3rd one is to rescue the first two in a splitting disaster. Anyway I get all the wood cut and split before spring and have the pleasure of looking at it cure all summer. Fun stuff!

Practical Parsimony said...

I would like very much to hug a vet--my mother.

West Tx at Heart said...

Good to see you posting. Know your busy with the store. Keep it up.

West Tx at Heart said...

Hang in there Kid... there's a ton of us pulling for ya!

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