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Friday, September 06, 2013


Well we got over a bit of our Lorax complex. 

This hickory was having some issues. Carpenter ants had hollowed the base out, so it needed to come down. Once we realized that, we made a decision to remove a few more scattered trees. We do have over 30 acres of trees. Plus this opens up a spot closer to the house for the solar. Actually half the distance. That saves us a bit of money, plus we have fire wood and wood to create things with. 

No worries, this is not where the teddy bears have their picnic, that's a bit higher up the hill.

Husband's saw just wasn't cutting it (pun intended), so Small Farm Girl and Hubby came to our rescue. We would have eventually got it done, but with their help, we got it done the same day.

We took 1 hickory (yes gathering nuts) 2 poplars, 2 walnuts and 1 oak. 

This poplar had barbed wire in the center. 

Don't mess with the bugs though.

No one got hurt, no property damage just a good day.

Here's some eye candy for the girls (ok maybe just me)


mizdeb said...

You have the most beautiful place! So glad friends are there to help. Eye candy ain't bad either! Lol

Harry Flashman said...

"If you go out in the woods today, you're in for a big surprise."

I didn't think anyone read Teddy Bears Picnic anymore.

kymber said...

Phelan - thanks for eye candy - you really got yourself a hunk - good on ya gurl! as for the lorax complex - i actually have a lorax figurine that sits on a shelf in the kitchen and speaks for all of the trees and wild stuff that grows - i love it! i also have 4 copies of the book and the movie - i love the lorax! it's hard to decide that a tree has to come down, but when it has to come down, it just has to! the land is looking really good and i am super surprised at how fast everything is happening for you all. well, not really, you guys really know how to get in there and get atter!

looking forward to more updates, your friend,

macbew said...

It's never easy to make the decision to cut down a tree. But it's definitely worth it here with saving money(always good)on the solar and on firewood and other things. Has anybody counted the rings to see how long the barbed wire has been in the tree? And the eye candy(always good) is always nice.

carol anne said...

OMG that bug. The person holding the ruler is a braver soul than I. *shudder*

carol anne said...

OMG that bug. The person holding the ruler is a braver soul than I. *shudder*

wendyytb said...

Loving your blog and watching as your homestead evolves!

Practical Parsimony said...

I had to have a hickory taken down in our yard. It shaded half the house and was very old, but it frightened me. When we moved here, ants were destroying it. My husband sprayed it with ordinary ant spray every day for months. Finally, the ants moved away. The tree healed, but as it healed, I could see it was hollowed out inside. The six foot high gap in the bark was a foot deep. The tree finally closed around the gap.

15 years later, I decided to have it removed since it was about ten feet from the house and would have taken out my house if it fell. Mine was in a corner, so if it fell one way or the other, it would fall on the house. That shade was crucial to keep the house cool since it was on the southeastern side of the house. At least there was plenty of room so the tree would not hit anything if it were felled in the wrong direction.

It is sad to remove a tree, but sometimes, it is necessary.

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