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Monday, September 23, 2013

The wish list

Katidids requested that I post a wish list. If you read comments, you might have guessed that I have invited a few bloggers out. It's nice to live in an area with people like me reside, nice people that is. 

I highly doubt that the majority of things on my wish list would just being laying around a garage, though I guess it could. But a wish list would also let you know where things are going, what has yet to be accomplished, and the sad state of affairs that this place is currently in.

Sub flooring (particle board)
Dry wall
Ceiling insulation
Cabbage seeds
Minuture donkey 
Mason mix cement
Home canned goodies
Thick blanket(s)
Saw mill or lumber
Propane valve for stove
Deck screws
Cabinet accessories 
Drawer accessories
Low wattage washer or wringer
Clothes line poles (where the heck do you find those?)
Small propane bottles for lantern or oil
3 million watt flashlight or whatever spot light wattage is. (Bright)
Squeegee (long handle for cleaning solar panels)
Push broom
Cast iron nut cracker (not the little hand one, but the large ones)
Grain mill
Round bale feeder
Cattle tank
Copper tubing
Rain barrels (or those large, squared, white containers)
Metal grain bins
Books on cd
Books in general are always on any of my wish lists, no matter the subject (only thing I don't like is romance)
Mortar and pestel 
Caldron medium sized
Chicken wire
Milk filters
Butter churner
Squat wide mouth jelly jars
Glass medicine bottles
Small tins
Mixing bowls 
Wooden spoons (decent)
Egg beater
Cast iron pots or pans
Sand blaster
Back hoe
Rebarb (used, bent, what have you)
Bees wax
Lumber jack

So there you have it. Some of the things of the things my not caffeinated enough mind could think of. The recipts and deed are supposed to be in the mail, and some of that stuff can be knocked off my list.

My view of the harvest moon. (I woke at 5 am, and thought the sun had risen, it was so bright. Of course I freaked thinking the boys were missing school.)


Stephen said...

Clothes line pole...slim tree with fork, cut.

Harry Flashman said...

That's a pretty comprehensive list. But then, you are setting up in the forest and you have to bring just about everything you need with you. Not much different than if you were on the frontier in 1743.

LauraH said...

So if we were able to send you any of these things, how would we go about contacting you to get address info?

mizdeb said...

Ditto the mailing address. I have Amazon prime and could send some things but need a physical address.

small farm girl said...

Hey guys! Phelan told me to tell you all that you can find her email on her profile page. Shoot her an email and she'll get back with ya.

Rob said...

Wrong time of the year... but we were able pick up a LOT of stuff at farm auctions when we lived in Minnesota.
Going to the auctions take time, gas & cash but when I picked up a pile of Tee posts for a quarter each or a pile of garden/water hose off a table for a dollar it was worth it.

Just something to put in the back of your mind for later...

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