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Friday, September 27, 2013

Playing with Sticks; Part 1

Husband is much more talented at this game than I am. I seem to get more penalties, have more times outs for rough handling and high sticking. It's ok though, I am gradually getting better at it and keeping my attitude under control. Refs don't like attitude.

Husband creates master pieces.

While mine leaves a lot to the imagination of the onlooker. 

However my mini versions are the talk of the town. 

Fog settles on top of us overnight, sinking down and becoming dew so thick it is on the verge of being declared rain. Burning is difficult. Even using an accelerant doesn't help matters much. But these piles and piles of downed limbs have to be incinerated or used in some sort of art project. 

We have copperheads in the area, Small Farm Girl showed me a picture of one her Hubby killed at the top of my ridge. And these stacks, even the log stacks, is a nice place for them to stay warm in. With my boys around, always into something, I need to eliminate as much warm cover for the snakes as possible.

One awesome thing about spotting that large black snake, is that they eat poisonous snakes. We let him be, knowing that he will also eat eggs, chicks and our future rabbits. We will just have to be preemptive on that front. 

I play with sticks daily (minds out of gutters ladies).  It is very repetitious. But this is just one of the boring, painful chores that must be taken care of in a quick manner, if only I was able to burn. . . We take over the shop in town in less than a week, and I will have to do that as well. The more I can get done here in a timely manner, the less stressed I will feel about the shop. 


HermitJim said...

Looks like a very good start on some firewood! You may need it this Winter, that's for sure!

Good luck on the shop!

Practical Parsimony said...

Dogs will kill snakes, too. Of course, they have to be wary of snakes and getting bitten. I would have to get some snake repellent.

Can you stack the burn pile and use for hugelkultur or however you spell it. You probably need to just cut is smaller and it will eventually rot for you so you can plant in it.

Why will you have to be in your husband's shop?

If I had snakes around, I would get all the information I needed for a snakebite emergency, including finding out if antivenom was available at local hospitals.

We roamed ten acres for 12 years and never were bitten. However, we feared putting our hands under things and into some places, just using a stick to turn things over.

That is some serious dew you have!

Kellie from Indiana said...

You have your own rainforest! Oh the humidity ;)

Donna said...

I have been playing catch up,and it seems like you are settling into your new life quite well :) Be careful of the copperheads.That would freak me out!

Harry Flashman said...

I've been bitten twice by Copperheads. Once a dry bite by a small snake that wasn't much of a deal. Once a big bite, by a big snake, and that's an experience I don't want to have again. Both times I was at the gate, in the dark, and when I reached down to open the padlock the snake was on the bank by the pole and got me before I knew he was there.

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