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Monday, September 02, 2013

Answering your question and asking one of my own

Are you getting a large propane tank?

No. We have two 100lbs tanks, which is equal to half of one of those large ones. We don't need as much because we are only using it for cooking and hot water. We have one of those tankless water tanks (that makes sense), and it uses very little propane.

Does husband work on bikes for a living?

Yes. He has been for 23 years now. He has worked for Harley Davidson and Big Dog Motorcycles, as well as building customs for private and business reasons.

Have you found a shop yet?

As a matter of fact, we might have.  It's a good sized building, for an amazing price. Possibly too good to be true deal. Sometime this week the owner is going to give us a tour, and we will see if it is indeed the right place for us.

How far is the bus ride to the school from your driveway?

I have no idea the distance, however they do spend an hour on the bus. The same time it took back in Kansas.

Until I have my own Internet, this is how I will be answering your questions that you leave in comments. Feel free to ask.

Now for my question.  What is this?

The purple flowers. And if you answer purple flowers, your ticket to utopia will be pulled. 


Carol said...

I think it's Joe Pye weed.

Anonymous said...

Is that Ironweed?

HermitJim said...

I don't know what it is, but it is sure pretty!

Unknown said...

It looks like one of the smartweeds maybe Polygonum cespitosum or possibly an Ironweed like Tall Ironweed, Veronia altissima.

Its hard to tell in the pic from the flowers, I need a closer pic of them. But from the leaves and starts its close to one of those and they would be in your area.

Practical Parsimony said...

kath said...

It looks like Joe Pye weed to me.

Kelly said...

I just found what looks like the same flower in my evil neighbors yard. It's covered in beautiful, big butterflies. I told the hubs he has to sneak over there and get me some so I can plant it on our property LOL!!!

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