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Thursday, August 22, 2013


There is a large bat family in the holler. Small Farm Girl says that more than likely it's two different types of bats rather than just a family. Still cool.

We were watching the fireflies, which are so thick down here, and suddenly there was a bat. Then another bat, then another. I think counted five, but not sure. At one point I had to duck so I wouldn't get bats in my hair! Yes I take issue with that. 

We went to the farm market today. Made a few new connection. Bought some blue ball jars for $2 a piece, awesome! Got some Amish veggies. 

So far having a wonderful time. We have to dig an outhouse today. Just until we can get the water going and the solar stuff comes in.

Sorry to be quick but it has been a busy busy day. I will get some pics of some of the things we are doing tomorrow.


Harry Flashman said...

Bats are good. They eat the mosquitoes here or we'd be overrun. Sometimes one will come down our chimney. I catch him in a sheet and let him go outside.

kymber said...

bats are awesome! especially out in the woods! you want as many bats as you can get. make bat houses and then try to attract them to the property. a single bat will eat 2,000 mosquitoes a day!!! i try and attract bats. i go out and do my bat-attracting dance....i kind of dance around in a circle and sing - hey batty-batty-bats - come here. it hasn't worked so far but it might work in your area - bahahahha! so glad you are home. go make bat houses!

your friend,

Stephen said...

Ever batfish? All you need is a pole, some fishing line and a piece of bright yarn with a tiny weight on the line...then walk outside and spin the yarn in the air...the bats will take it. Hang on.

Sandy Livesay said...

Now you have live entertainment :-)

The boys must be having a blast.

Better to have an outhouse there than in let's say Alaska when the temperatures are below zero.

Bob from Athens said...

A long time ago in a far away place while I was young and in the USAF we would go batfishing about once a week. It was lots of fun, your guys would really like it. And also if you sit still when the bats are flying around they will miss you every time. It is when you start making sudden unexpected moves that they might run int you.

Practical Parsimony said...

There are caves in KY. Do you think you might have a cave where bats live? Bats in my hair would make me batty.

Moonwaves said...

Why just until you get the water going? I would have thought a composting toilet set-up would be right up your street?

Kelly said...

Your lucky to have bats as long as they don't move into your house :/ Batfishing sounds like fun :)

Ball is selling blue pint jars again. The color isn't as neat as the old ones but they are pretty.

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