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Tuesday, July 02, 2013

No one talk to the rabbit

As my long time readers have noticed, I did not participate in blogathon this year. Those of you that are new, every year I choose one charity to raise money for and will blog every 30 mins for 24 hours straight. It gets silly and we raise a good amount of money. 

This year with the motorcycle wreck and the move, I just didn't think I would be up for it. Now I think I could have, but my time line for soliciting businesses to donate raffle items was expired. 

If you are feeling charitable, my friend and fellow blogger, mmpaints, is still crowd funding for her commercial kitchen. The response has been wonderful, but she is still half way to her goal. You can read updates on her farm life over on self sustained living, and her business plan on this crowd funding site

We have decided to take the boys to a professional fireworks display this Thursday. Two of them have never seen it before, as we always just set off our own display here. We really don't care for all the crowds and traffic, but they should experience it at least once in their childhood. 

Husband has decided that we are moving to Kentucky in three weeks, address or no. So I have had to ramp up my packing and purging. So much to do still. 

I have been walking around the house without my brace. I am still weak when it comes to bending my knee and trying to kick my own rear. I am still stretching, not quite to reasonably normal, but getting closer. I can sort of walk up stairs like most people do. Just takes me a bit of time.

Since the ads on the left side of the screen have been up for the year, and I did not do a blogathon, they will be removed sometime today. Maybe my pictures will now fit into the white bits.

I was getting grief over hills in Kansas yesterday. So I will leave you with a picture of Mt. Sunflower in Western Kansas. 


Linda said...

Is that picture in Kansas? It is a desolate scene, happily disrupted by the sunflower. I don't think I could deal that flat and barren. I like hills and green.

Phelan said...

It is indeed a part of Kansas. The highest point. It's a late fall early winter photo, so no green.

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