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Monday, July 22, 2013

Certified Veterinarian Inspection

I really don't have a whole lot to tell you on this subject. However it is all part of the moving project.

A CVI varies from State to State. You need to find the laws for the State you are moving to, and follow those. 

For us, Kansas is a TB free State, therefore Kentucky says all I need to have is a signed certificate that says a visual inspection was made and that there are no visible signs of disease. 

No blood work, no touching. Just a looky lou. 


Sandy Livesay said...

He's gorgeous! Did you have your looky lou?

Linda said...

You can tell TB by looking?

Phelan said...

Sandy, yep. No visual signs of disease.

Linda, not that I am aware of. Testing is only required when there are symptoms. Kansas is a TB free State, no cases have been found within a certain time frame. This means that it is assumed that livestock are clean. Most States allow livestock from certified free States to be brought in without blood tests.

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