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Monday, June 17, 2013

While we were away

We left very early for Kentucky. And that morning Murrial (American Milking Shorthorn) went and had a little girl!

She is mixed with Kerry. She has a white spot on her chest, then her entire belly. She is as playful as can be. Almost goat like in the manner she wants to play king of the hill.

She is larger than Urth's (Kerry) calf, even though she is a mixed breed.

Here they are checking me out together.

The one on the right is Murrial's, while the shorter on with her backside to you is Urth's. They are a week apart in age.

It's the year of the A. 


Robbyn said...

she's beautiful!!! and a heifer, yayyyy!!!!!

FancyHorse said...


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