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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Day four

Small farm girl took me to several towns yesterday. Honestly have no idea how to get back from them yet, but I think I can make it there. 

Wow, so many things happening today, that I am having a hard time remembering everything that happened yesterday. Husband and large explored one of our hills. They found a bunch of pecan trees. We have an area that we are calling the holler in the holler. It's hidden away and has wild strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. I don't want to over use the word awesome, but awesome!

We will be completely off grid. Ain't no poles in sight!  We have figured all that out.

We had Small Farm girl and Hubby (that's her husband) down for lamb on a campfire. We had s'mores, a variety of s'mores. And talked and laughed into the night. She is scarily similar to me.

We have also decided that every insect has sent a rep to check us out. That or they have a taste for flesh. That could be why the place hasn't sold as quick as I thought it would.

Last night was our full night in the holler. We woke up stiff and chilled. The fog sinks into our holler, and it's a bit damp. We don't mind. But we slept on the floor. Ouch. 


Anonymous said...
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Katidids said...

Looks so good! Once you have the tall grass under control that will help cut down on the flying blood suckers....but skeeters? They are your new family members!!! Mash garlic and toss it about..skeeters and bugs leave pretty quick

Linda said...

This all sounds so exciting!

How is sleeping on the floor agreeing with your knee? Getting up off the floor, I mean.

I read that biting bugs don't like basil. I am going to put some crushed basil in vinegar, let it sit, strain it and put the liquid in a sprayer for a body spray.

To get rid of biting mosquitoes, I would rub garlic ON me. Putting up Martin houses will cut down on the mosquito population.

Pecan trees and fruit are awesome! Pecans are my favorite nut, full of protein and other good things for your health. If you put lime (or something) under the pecan trees every winter, you will have a crop every year, otherwise, pecan trees have off years. Bush hog/mow underneath the pecan trees for easy access to fallen pecans. If you are lucky, you will have Stuarts.

Burning piles of green grass/weeds in the late evening will give you a respite from mosquitoes. Daddy did the day he mowed when we were young. Otherwise, we wore long sleeves and pants in the late afternoon and early evening, even in summer in south Mississippi.

Will your holler be apt to flood?

kath said...

Pecans and berries! The things you can do with them! Sounds awesome. Not the part about sleeping on the floor though. Maybe you could stop at a local $1 store and buy an inflatable pool mattress. At least it would give a little cushioning!
Loving the photos. You all must be getting so excited!

Moonwaves said...

It looks fantastic. I can't even imagine how excited you all must be.

jules said...

Looks like Home Sweet Home! Congratulations!

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