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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Saying Goodbye

It feels a bit odd to say good bye to things. Husband, Farmhand (guess he should be known as Buffalo now), and I went to the Cowtown Museum to see the Vaudeville act "Dr. Dillinger's Freaks and Floozies". We had a grand time. But it wasn't until the next morning that I realized that it was the last time I would ever be in Cowtown again.

I guess I just got use to it being there.

It has caused me to take pause, and look around. What will I miss about Kansas?
There are a number of things. The open plains being one of them. You can see for miles. You can witness a storm over a three hour drive, slowly moving, from your yard. No obstructions. The changes in colors. Golds and browns, and the swaying greens of the wheat. Giant sunflowers alerting you to the time of day. Kentucky has different colors because of the shear amount of trees in the area we will be. I assume that I can just take a ride to the flats if I get home sick for the openness.

Tornadoes. Well, more like the super cells that form them. I don't remember the storms in Kentucky. I was a child when my family reunions took place there.

I know I will get homesick. That's a given. However if we take a step back and take the moment to say goodbye to the things we truly love here, I hope it will be easier on us. Just the thought of a new adventure is exciting. But there are bound to be long nights.

The Neophyte Homestead will be missed the most. The orchard, the garden, the work that has been put into it all these years to make it functioning. My clients. We always knew that this was just a practice homestead. Still. . . It's been 12 years.

Starting over will fill most my time. But now we at least have a better inkling of what to do. All in all, no matter how much I will miss this place, it is time to say good bye, and keep our eyes to the future and all the excitement that comes with it.

On a totally different front. Husband came home with a motorcycle. We paid $8,000 less than what it is worth. One of his clients has had it sitting under a tarp for the last 5 years. Having only one vehicle has been trying to say the least. Husband figured out what was wrong with it, and for a few bucks had it running again. Now she is getting a face lift and some personalized improvements. She should be on the road this week. I was able to mount up without any anxiety. Now to see how I feel once it moves.

Now that causes me to switch subjects. The exercise bike is literally a pain in my rear. We picked one up for $20. Still in great shape. I thought I would be able to watch a movie while doing it, turns put that 15 mins is my pain threshold. It's all down to repetitiveness at this point. Rebuilding muscle and flexibility. Some day I will be able to throw 50 lbs feed bags again. It's almost embarrassing that I can barely lift them now. Ah well, it will get better.


small farm girl said...

I will tell you that when I moved down here I didn't miss the flat land at all. In fact, when I go visit my old homeland, I wonder how I lived there with all that wind. lol. You'll grow to love it here. (I hope. :) )

Phelan said...

I will not miss the wind.

HotFlashHomestead said...

Fifteen minutes on the bike is pretty good and much more than a physical therapist would ask of you! They would probably have you on the bike for 5 - 10 minutes at first, then have you doing gentle knee-over-ankle lunges, pulls with leg bands, some treadmill, followed by fifteen minutes of ice and rest. Just don't forego the ice and rest part!

Phelan said...

Lots of ice. :D they told me that pain was my only limitation and to go for it. So I have. Hurts though.

kymber said...

Phelan - only you know when you are done in for physically. you know how to push yourself and you also know when to let up. just don't overdo it. and be sure to get plenty of good food, good rest and be in a good mental state and everything will work itself out in it's own time.

as for leaving, you will miss your could you not? but there is always time for missing and time for looking forward and once you are properly established in the new homestead...this old one will be a source of many funny tales, incredibly touching memories and lots of knowledge gained. but be sure to walk around your land for as many days until you leave and look at, feel, touch, smell, and memorize. and give thanks - that land has given you so much!

your friend,
(p.s. - i'm looking forward to the buffalo's future posts. teehee. i hope he's got lots of stories about you!)

Practical Parsimony said...

After six months of physical inactivity after an injury, plus physical therapy, five minutes was all I could take. You can go longer than five minutes, but it is not good to push so hard at first. You will only cause yourself to not progress as quickly. Thankfully, my physical therapist put limits on activity at first. If you hurt so badly you need ice, you may have overdone

Diane C said...

Today was a milestone for me I came to see how you were doing and I'm glad to hear of your progress.

Last year, at this time I was in a wheelchair nursing a broken foot. Today saw me doing outside yard work. It's something I always took for granted but really feels good. Keep at it Phelan.

Phelan said...

Huzzah Diane C!

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