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Friday, April 26, 2013

Well hello.

I am really not sure where to start. So many things ramble around my head. I guess I can share a bit of awesomeness. Remember a while back I had hinted about that?

I haven't seen Husband much the past two weeks. He has been a bit busy. If you happen to be in Essen, Germany May 12, you can see why. Oh and if you are, could you send me some pictures? (Email is on my profile, and I will share a bit more detail if you are going) Husband won't be there in person, at least not this year. I digress, I should tell you why, I am building anticipation, might ramble for another paragraph or two until you are screaming at your screen, spit it out woman!

May 12 in Essen, Germany is the World Championship of Custom Motorcycle Building. Oh you guessed it, Husband has a bike entered. Actually not Husband, the owner of the motorcycle that commissioned it. KMW. However Husband's name, and the shop's, is all over it, and it will be in the AMD magazine next month.

The bike is gorgeous. But understated for a custom. Fingers crossed that it places. I will not be sharing pictures of it at this time as I want to give the owner the debut. Soon though, soon.

So that's the awesomeness I wanted to share. The bike is in route to Belgium (then to Germany) as I type. Which means I get to see Husband on a regular basis again. I actually went out with him last night for the first time since the wreck. Had a wicked good time watching my friends in the band Olassa and Elephant Revival. I am eclectic when it comes to music. They are Folk, but my true love is metal. I really enjoyed my evening, and managed to not get overly paranoid about all the people. Even had a couple drinks of over priced vodka.

It was nice to be somewhat normal again.

This motorcycle thing does come with confusion though. Things that Husband and I (you get to find out his real name next month, lucky you) have been talking through. There is possibly an offer for him to continue to build bikes. No more repairing other people's mistakes. This is huge for him. He will no longer only be known within the industry, but now the public will know him. And I am proud and happy for him. Don't worry this won't become a motorcycle blog. Just like most people in this life, we have outside work and it has to be balanced. Homesteading takes a lot of work, even if I feel like the laziest 'steader on the planet right now.

And right now we have to decide how to balance this. Husband has a few requests if he will be building for this company full time. Hopefully they love him enough to give. And after spending a week with him, watching him work and his passion, I think they do. Husband would much rather design and build than repair. He enjoys repairing, as he sees it as a puzzle most of the time.

You should see the motorcycle we are planning on building for me.

Sorry, I am going around subjects in my head. We are still moving to Kentucky. But there is some things that have to be considered and discussed, if we are going to make Kentucky work for us. The boys get out of school next month. The move is nigh.

So there you have it, my awesomeness. We really needed it around here. Seems like seven months since we have had any, oh wait. . .

be back Monday with some actual homesteading stuff


macbew said...

Thrilled about all the awesomeness. How exciting to have something you built go all the way to Belgium and Germany to compete against other world class bikes!!!!! I know you've been busy but I'm also glad you'll have a post Monday I'm sure I'm not the only one that misses you when you not here(even if I rarely comment) and when do we get to see the bike planned for you!?!?!?

FancyHorse said...

Oh, wow, that is awesome! I will be keeping my fingers crossed that it does really really well! And looking forward to seeing pics of yours!

I'm glad you had a fun night out and are beginning to feel normal again.

HermitJim said...

How cool is that? Very cool, I'd say!

Anonymous said...

glad things are on the upswing sweet girl and you are sounding good.glad you went out and had some fun. good for you! your friend always, the rat

kath said...

WOO HOO! So excited for all of you. Sounds like better times are coming, and not a moment too soon! What an opportunity for your husband. It's nice to finally get some recognition for his skills and talent.

Phelan said...

Aww, macbew, I miss you guys as well. I just haven't had too much to talk about. Been trying to get the house ready, packing, and physical therapy. Not a whole lot of interesting content to that. :) I will post the drawings of my bike soon. Still working out what kind of tanks I want on it.

Thank you guys. I will pass on the woohoos!

Carolyn said...

Sounds so very exciting! Glad your husband is getting to do things he's so passionate about.

Moonwaves said...

Hi. I don't have any plans for the 12th yet so if tickets aren't too difficult to get hold of (assuming it's a ticketed event) I could head up to Essen for an hour or so. I'm not a great photographer but at least they'd be, er, candid true-to-life shots :-)
You can contact me on mistiermoon AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

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