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Monday, April 29, 2013

I am a pariah.

I should have never been given access to social media. Period. In one year I, my personal self, have been banned from 12 different homesteading/country living/ prepper/ self-reliance Facebook pages. I seem to be aiming to add one more to the list.

Why? Because I am honest.

This wasn't what I was going to post today. I had something else in mind, but didn't like the results. Once I get it correct, I will write about it and the mistakes. But for now, you get this.

I don't take a lot of BS, as my long time readers know. I don't care to be talked down to or belittled. And if I see a post that does these things, I point it out. I also champion some of your causes. I have rarely backed down from anything. And several of you over the years have asked for my help, with writing letters on your behalf or stating something that should be obvious to the writer, in comments, on a blog page. And now social media. And all this gets me banned from many things, forums, pages, blogs. I still love you.

I was asked for a bit of help today. And I took it on. The person that asked for help isn't the first one to bring this problem to my attention.

When a person puts themselves out there as an authority of a certain trade or lifestyle, it is important to back those claims. I am not an expert, I am not an authority, but I can smell BS. When you have a handful of people repeating the same things to you about a certain blog or magazine, it is important to inform the person behind the blog or magazine or page that there is something bothering many of their readers.

What's saddens me the most is that those running social media are unable to live up to the standards that one has come to expect from that entity and then are unable to clearly understand what a person's objections are. Listen if you are writing about self reliance, I see it irrelevant to litter the page with State tourism. I live in Kansas, I write about what's happening here, but alas! This is a blog, not a e-zine or a representation of one.

If fodder is all you have, then an educational representation of the main site is not being fully realized. Fodder is interesting, but not if it is all you have. And if you blindly follow one of these, then you are not helping to enlighten yourself.

My two cents, again. I love that you feel you can confide in me. And the fact that you guys don't care who hates me! Ha!


Anonymous said...

You will always be welcome to mouth on my blog sweet girl. your friend ,the rat:)

Mamma Bear said...

and I thought I pissed people off pretty quick....bahahahah

We still love you too Phelan!

bbarna said...

I know just enough to be dangerous, haha!. I am pretty sceptical about most things I read - so good on you for pointing out the BS. I got banned from a blog too, when I commented on one of their statements. Oh well...
Take care, Phelan.
Barb from Canada

Hidden Haven Homestead said...

You may have been blocked or ban from a few but there are so many more that respect and trust what you have to say. I love when you stir things up with facts people don't take the time to find for themselves. You have even pointed out things to me I had wrong... appreciate it each time. Know I can count on you not to tippy toe around, but get right to the point.

Phelan said...

I expect you all to do the same with me. I have always owned up to my mistakes.

Glad to see I am in good company!

Practical Parsimony said...

When I am wrong, I will recant my statements that are wrong. However, attacking me just causes me to turn a deaf ear. Or, I cut the perso down. I have not known you to be fractitios.

Phelan said...

I have never outright attacked anyone. I am honest, and that's not wanted in many places, especially when the admin doesn't want to admit they are wrong.

I don't seem to have been banned in this latest event. However there seems to be a change for the positive.

Doom said...

I "try" to get banned as well. Haven't officially but I certainly speak my mind too. It hurts a bit when you get lumped for telling the truth. But I know you have had worse. I certainly have.

Anymore, if I smell too much bull, I just back out. And if I still feel sore, I post on my page and maybe put a link in if it's worth it. There is a price for truth. Christ knows.

Sounds like you have some thin-skinned compatriots. Perhaps you are better off without the association. No skin off your nose if so, to my way of thinking. Because, no, we can't all get along. *grins*

Hermit's Baby Sis said...

I have always enjoyed reading your blog, and miss you when you're down and out, or just downed (grin). I'm the semi-silent type, just a reader who takes those things to heart that I can do, and tries to learn from it all.

Please keep up your sameness - seems your have many good friends and followers out here, and I think we would all rather have the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it many be.

kath said...

If I were you, I would wear the bannings as a badge of honor. These days it seems like people are too complacent and gullible and want to find their latest "guru" who tells them pretty lies. The world needs people like you to say "Hey, wait a minute" when things start sounding wrong. People like you, the rabble rousers, are the reason why America is the greatest country in the world.

Phelan said...

Hi Hermit's baby sis! It's great to finally meet you.

Hmmm.. . Maybe I should make a banner for the page Kath. As seen banned from most sites. Lol

Meadowlark said...

Some things never change, and for that I'm glad.

Yes, one of your lost former readers has found her way back. And I'm not "just wandering through" this time.

Wishing you peace, my friend.

Phelan said...

Meadowlark!!! So happy to see you again. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Phelan said...

An update on this, I have removed myself from the feed. I was unable to convy what the problem was so that the moderator could understand. Instead of outright telling him how I found him to be, I graciously left.

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