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Monday, April 01, 2013

For those still interested; motorcycle and knee update

The skin around my knee and my shin hurt most the time. The right side is numb, so the ache tends to be deeper, hollower in its feeling. The hypersensitivity on the other side has decreased some what, yet still a sharp, prickly sensation. On my left side of my knee is a incision scar from where they sewed in the suction tool. Under that is where the actual break happened, and where those two screws are. Several times a day I can't help but to tear up as it feels like someone is pressing a hot lighter deep into my flesh.

My flexibility is at 100 degrees. I can use a scarf to pull it in closer to myself. But the muscles in the thigh that do this job have atrophied. I can not pull it in further on my own. Husband is looking for a cheap stationary bicycle. Lacking that, he vows to build me one. I have to regain strength if I am to be anywhere close to normal again. I can make it upstairs without assistants, but not down.

I stopped having vertigo and panic attacks, huzzah!

This weekend I discovered why I have a gouge in the flesh of my left (good) leg. The foot peg at the bracket was broken off. The wound and the broken metal are a match. Husband also took the time to draw me a diagram of the intersection we went down in. I thought I was closer to the gutter than he says I was. Turns out I was closer to the middle of the intersection. Still feels surreal after 6 months.

Husband and Large bonded over tearing down the motorcycle. I don't know if I mentioned this, but our motorcycle, a 1983 Shovel, was show quality, 98% stock. I take a moment to sigh and not get overly emotional about an object here. I digress, you can see light through the underside of the transmission. The rear rim is not salvageable. The frame is broken and severely twisted. The casings fall apart. It's bad.

We have clients that are offering up parts, even a frame. Hopefully we can be up and riding in a few months, that is if I can throw this darn leg over to mount.


Anonymous said...

Know this might sound strange but having 2 very "bad" knees myself, I find I can go down stairs if I stand facing like I'm going up but I go backwards instead! Works best with the handrail for balance. Maybe worth a try. Good luck!

becky said...

It will take time but you'll be back to normal before you know. Your a tough lady don't get discouraged

Anonymous said...

You know I'm thinking about you and your family. Glad for the progress reports. Keep on Truckin!

Sandy Livesay said...

Don't be discouraged, it's going to take some time to get back to where you want to be. Keep doing physical therapy, and try coming down the steps backwards as indicated from an anonymous poster. THis helped my husband, he has two very bad knees.

macbew said...

Look on craigslist for the exercise bikes. I checked there before commenting to make sure and saw some for the Wichita area(I was thinking you're near there but I'm not sure)for as little as $10to $70 that looked pretty good.

Unknown said...

Em, Have the boys get ya' one of your big pots filled with really hot water, and grab a couple kitchen towels.

Sit on the couch, wring out the towels and double-layer them over 2 areas at a time. Just let 'em sit for a few minutes during the first time.

Heat 'em back up - lay back over the same areas. And then do a set of stretches. Rinse and repeat. Then do the same for a couple other areas.

See if that don't help, Hon.

FancyHorse said...

I'm still interested, still caring and praying. You've come a long way! I'm sure it's hard and painful, but you will get there one "step" at a time! (pun not really intended but kept anyway) You have lots of support from your family and friends and online friends. (((hugs)))

Mystic Mud said...

I'm so sorry that you are going through all of this, but you sound so strong - even when you are talking about your pain (both physical and emotional) you sound strong to me - just because you are dealing with it so honestly. I want to say "hugs" and "hang in there", but both sound so trite, so how about "go kick some ass" wished for you and yours.

kath said...

I know this all has to be so frustrating for someone who does as much as you do, but look at how much progress you've made in 6 months! It's definitely a marathon you're doing here, but every day you're getting stronger and better. I'm not a PT, but maybe some easy beginner yoga stretches might help with the stiffness. I agree with macbew about checking Craig's List. We found some exercise equipment really cheap on there. At any rate, I'm thinking of you and praying for your recovery. Thanks for the update!

Phelan said...

I really didn't mean to come off as discouraged. Frustrated, yes very much so.

I have been using a heating pad before doing ballet stretches. I don't know yoga stretches, I can look them up of course. But years and years of ballet have been drilled into me, so those are simple and I do them without thinking. Hopefully this weekend we can go get a bike. One of the guys in the shop is seeing about pulling one from his parents basement for us to borrow.

The nerves in my knee where pretty hacked up. Not much they could do to avoid that. I just have to keep touching it, desensitize it. Doc doubts I will even regain full feeling there again, but it should get better. The sharp fire like pain is akin to arthritis. It should get better as muscle strength increases, but in the next few years it will return.

But thank you guys. I do use a lot of your suggestions. Emotionally I am doing lots better. I appreciate it.

Donna said...

Hang in there,Phalen. It's frustrating,but eventually you will get there!
Keeping you in my thoughts-Donna

Coffeekittie said...

Good that you know some stretches and are warming the knee area first. As for the loss of sensation, it gets to feeling normal after a while - you forget how it used to be. The painful spots can either regrow, or at least calm down to where you don't notice them, either. At least this has been the case for me and some folks over the years I've spoken to.

So glad you are getting more bend!

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